Friday, November 13, 2015

Stewardess praised by passenger

                                   Image credit:Facebook / Lau Wee Cheng

A Singapore Airlines passenger shared a post on the Singapore Airline’s Facebook page praising the service and professionalism of a stewardess (Nov 11).

Passenger, Lau Wee Cheng travelling in Business class with his family on SQ2 from Hong Kong to San Francisco on Nov 10 posted on SIA's facebook complimenting a stewardess for her service and helpfulness towards the family.

In SIA's Facebook passenger Lau has this to say:

"Just want to say thank you to Miss Gwen (If I got her name right). Her service was exceptional and beyond her duty.

"She took care of my three children and even helped them with the food.

"My daughter was unwell throughout the flight. Miss Gwen made an effort to ensure the chicken was cut into smaller pieces, so that it was easier for my children to eat.

"This is simply a 'thank you' note to the SQ team because they deserve it.

"Thank you Singapore Airlines, which Singaporeans are proud of. It is a top notch brand and company and people like Gwen make the big difference."

 Lau's post has since then garnered over 10,000 likes and many netizens have also expressed their feedback on Singapore Airlines' good service.

 Singapore Airlines has also replied in response to a comment in the same post about their service level across the various classes:

"It doesn't matter which travelling class you're on. Our crew will still deliver their best services to all our passengers.

"We look forward to welcoming your family and you onboard our flights again soon."

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