Monday, November 30, 2015

Rewarded for lying?

A reader wrote this:

Hi BOh Tong, this reminds me of a wannabe who was in my final interview. We were all shocked he was the only 1 not selected from our group of 6. Cause we can all assess for ourselves from a 3rd party point of view.

Excellent skills, looks and character. Most importantly, you know how sincere he was. you know the part where you have to intro someone. Left a lasting impression. He was honest about a medical condition which does not require him to be on meds. He looked so worried during the waiting period. It was the 5th time he reached the final interview and he wanted it so bad. He got booted out. And I overhead the recruiter mentioned he should have not declared cause immediately his chances are out. Wah I honestly felt bad cause I got it only one my second try and I did not want it as bad as him. TBH.

Anyway I have clipped my wings - managed to find a grounded job which pays similarly. The company needs to hire people who wants to work, not people who are young and idealistic. It sucks when you get scheduled with some durians and strawberries. Like the whole word owes them something. Also benefits are not as good. pay just keeps getting lower with more work. Still a good job to fly for a year or two unless this lifestyle you can do for the rest of your life.

To all wannabes, one of my batchies lied she has not tattoo and got through. One declared but is not visible after wearing kebaya got booted. The interview process is not the most fair. Do not be too hard on yourself.

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Anonymous said...

The outer image of the person comes first all other comes last, this is the way the industry is, its the service industry.Its true the younger generation are just here for the flings fly for 2years or so and leave because they cant take the pressure any more.
whats left are the older generations the ones who are actually holding up the airline. ISA has lost its touch and with the middle eastern carriers like emirates, qatar etihd , turkish airlines SIA is becoming a shadow. Iam sure and iam not alone in this but the new crew now a number of them are half past six type.