Friday, November 13, 2015

Women,wine,song and horses

He took the early retirement so he could fulfilled his life long ambition of being a professional gambler, he told me.
He lost all his money at the race tracks and casinos but he was fortunate to have a friend who was willing to partner him in a business deal. Naturally, his friend financed the business and he oversaw it.
In the 3 years in his legitimate business he made a cool million. Then, his old habits kicked in. He kept a young girl as his mistress. He gave her a monthly allowance, bought her an expensive car and paid for her condo rental.
He went back to his old gambling habit and lost a fortune. He cheated his partner and was sued. Eventually, he was made a bankrupt.
Today, at aged 65, he is driving a taxi for a living.

Another was a case of a chief steward. He took the early retirement because he needed the dough to settle his gambling debt.
With the balance of the money he had, he pumped into a small business. He made decent money but was dissatisfied because it slow. He went back to his old gambling habit of horse racing and online football betting. He was also having an affair with one of his female workers. He trusted her with his business and while he was busy gambling, she siphoned off his money. Today, he is broke and is working as a security guard.

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