Thursday, December 17, 2015

Alan Tan, President of SIASU to SIA cabin crew members

 SIASU's President message to SIA cabin crew members

 Latest: It is agreed......

Please note: Tomorrow 18 December (Friday) 2016 there will be a meet the members session starting from 1430 hrs at STC Auditorium. SIASU will present the CA and updates.


The Same Person said...

Hello BT,

Thanks for sharing this news. Looks exciting.

I heard from good sources that the mgmt is having difficulties negotiating because Heart party is a lot more vocal than the previous exco who were more conciliatory. You probably already know ;)

Boh Tong said...

Yes that's right. Mgmt was having a nice 4 year honeymoon but has been awoken by HEART and has to work their asses out.It's payback time buddy but it's all in the name of the game...haha

The Same Person said...

I hope thru Heart Party, they will re-ignite the motivation of cabin crew. I'm sure pax like us will receive even better service from them thus making SIA the best airline again ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey crew. Dun pretend to be a passenger and thought can pressure management. Might as well impersonate PM or minister

The Same Person said...


Are you referring to me? I'm not a CC. I'm not impersonating to be a pax, PM or any Minister.

It's easy to know what's happening when you've relatives/ friends in SIA. Moreover, skirmishes btwn SIASU & the mgmt is alr widely known. I'm sure BT would attest to that.

Kindness goes a v long way on Mr BT's blog. If I'm mistaken, I apologise.

Have a great day :)