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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Boh Tong have accepted SIA's offer of Tiger Airways shares

I've received the above as I've some Tiger Airways shares. Earlier on I've told my readers that I was not going to accept SIA offer of 0.41 cents for each Tiger share. The voluntary offer is conditional upon SIA and parties acting in concert with it owning more than 90 per cent of Tiger by 28 December.
I was told SIA could and will get more than 90% and if it does, I will be forced to surrender my Tiger shares at 0.41 cts and will get my money much later than if I voluntarily accept the offer. So friends please note that I've changed my mind and accepted the offer.
Any inconvenient caused is much regretted.


The Same Person said...

Thanks for the update, BT.. I will follow your astute advice and sell my Tiger shares too :)

With gratitude said...

Bt i took your advice and bought tiger shares at an average price of 33 cents.
i own 100k tiger and if the offer is successful i will gain $7,000 after broker
fees. Thank you Sir!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Luke, hope you don't mind me asking this.. I really wanna be a Singapore and I've been putting in a lot of effort to prep myself for the interview but I'm worried about the height check and reach test. I'm 159cm tall and I've been practicing the reach test at home with a tape placed exactly at 210cm, I can easily touch it with one hand but with 2 hands only my right hand barely touches the tape while my left hand is like 1 to 2cm below my right hand. Will I get booted out if this is the scenario?? :( Sorry to trouble you sir, have a nice weekend :)

Fed Up said...

I dont think BT want to answer your question because this is not a topic for that. This blog post is about Tiger Air shares. Got It! Hope you will failed to be a sia girl!

Boh Tong said...

Fed Up is correct. Your question is irrelevant to the post. There is a place for this sort of question. However, I will help answer your question.

Answer: yes you will be booted out if you cannot touch the tape with both hands. Reason is the aircraft overhead compartments are high up and the cabin crew need to stow paxs' hand luggage for them.

Anonymous said...

My dear you hands are too short and your brain is too shallow to be an SG Girl. Go and become a waitress or a cleaner at the hawker stall haha

Anonymous said...

sorry Mr Luke, I went over to your Q & A for cabin crew blog to ask this question but I couldn't see the comment section that's why I asked here. I didn't know it will become into such a big fuss. I'm sorry Mr Luke, but I hope the rest will be a little bit more kind in the way they talk, just because I commented here they want to say I'm shallow minded and stuff, just too judgmental over such a small thing. Anyways thanks for your reply sir. have a nice day.