Saturday, December 5, 2015

How stewardesses can avoid getting raped/molested by male colleagues?

This post was first published at my other blog but have decided to repost it here as I deem this is the more appropriate blog to contain this post.

Inviting a male colleague, be it a cabin crew or pilot into her hotel room is simply asking for trouble. Some of the stewardesses are either naive or just being careless. They do not think they would be victims of rape/molest just because the stewards/pilots are their colleagues. In fact, 90% of the cases happened because the perpetrators were their male colleagues. So to begin with, never invite nor allow the male crew to your rooms unless if you do not mind being raped/molested.
The other point is never get invited or visit a male colleague's hotel room. There may be instances of the senior male crew summoning the stewardesses to their rooms on the pretext of work performance briefing/discussion etc. My advice and the company's advice is Don't visit their rooms even for a short while.
Politely decline the invitation and suggest meeting in the hotel lobby if the briefing/discussion is urgent or important.
Another thing is don't participate in drinking and partying sessions. You, the stewardesses may think that since many of your colleagues will be in the room partying you will be safe.....No you are never safe! Anything can happen. The Tokyo alleged rape case happened with 5 crew in the room. If you want to know, the steward and the stewardess went into the toilet to smoke so as not to offend the 3 other non-smoking colleagues. The stewardess might have been naive to think that smoking in the toilet behind closed door with a male colleague was safe. They ended up having sex in the toilet not once but twice. We do not know whether it was consensual sex or rape. We will know of the outcome after the company's disciplinary inquiry and police investigation.


Innocent said...

How about the stewardesses molesting the stewards? Happen before?

Boh Tong said...

"Innocent" the answer is no but there was a case many years ago when a chief stewardess did that to a young steward.