Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The commander (captain) of the flight has the authority to off-load passengers if they ......

The commander (captain) of the flight has the authority to off-load any passenger if in his professional judgement, threaten the security and safety of the aircraft, the crew and other passengers.

In my 35 years working with the airline, I've come across a few cases of captains booting passengers from their flights.

I remember a passenger demanding an apology from the captain for "loitering" in the cabin with his co-pilot. If no apology was extended, the passenger told the captain a complaint would be filed with the chairman of SIA. The captain refused to apologise and on arrival at Sydney, booted that passenger who was supposed to continue his flight to Melbourne. The captain explained that the passenger had undermined the confidence of fellow passengers in him (the captain) by accusing him and his co-pilot of deserting the cockpit.

There was another case whereby a Caucasian passenger made a derogatory racist comment about the captain. The passenger was off-loaded before the plane took off.

There were also a few cases of the airline blacklisting its passengers.

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BTW if you are reading this S'pore Captain, we would love to hear your professional view on the matter. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

BT the crew who sent you the messages regarding the offload of the spps pax was hauled up to the office and whacked! Why is sia so punitive huh?

Boh Tong said...

He did not send me the msg. I got it thru' 3rd or 4th parties and it was a forwarded msg. As to why sia is so punitive ask sia lor.

lan-lan said...

Crew division has CCE looking out for crew behaviour.
They do nothing else.
Every word printed, uttered is always about crews' wrong doings.

If you do something "right"... its seen as "expected".. no further
If you do something wrong... all fingers will point at you.. including fingers
from the union.

Welcome to SIA

Anonymous said...

Singapore Captain no more coming here liao

Singapore Captain said...

Who says I am not coming. Yes BT is right, captain has the ultimate authority to offload any passengers or even crew including his co pilot if anyone threatens the safe operation of the flight. in the company we are just one of the many employees but in the flight where we are the commander, we are the highest authority regarding the safe operation of the flight and any person onboard who poses a risk to safe flight operation can be removed even if the plane had already taken off

Boh Tong said...

Singapore Captain is back! Good to hear from you again. Thank you for your comment.

Singapore Captain said...

Worse is being offloaded mid flight, the airline will bill the cost of landing to the pax. BT have you seen cabin crew being offloaded?

Boh Tong said...

I've not seen any cabin crew being off loaded but have heard that an ifs was off loaded by capt D.Leong many years ago.

Singapore Captain said...