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Monday, December 28, 2015

Too tired to work beyond 18 hours

Ron, an inflight supervisor and 18 cabin crew members walked off a flight in Taipei and reported sick. They were ordered to work beyond their duty hours due to a delay of a flight. No longer able to stretch themselves beyond that 18 hours of duty time due to fatigue, Ron instigated his crew to take medical leave and walked off the flight in Taipei. Inevitably, Ron's flight was grounded for another 10 to 12 hours so the cabin crew could rest.
The big boss was furious with Ron and his crew and chided them for the incidence. Letters of warning were given to Ron and his crew. No other action was taken.
Ron was sacked by the airline a few months later. His sacking, we were told, had nothing to do with the above incidence. Ron was caught stealing a bottle of liquor on arrival into Singapore.


Spiderman.... said...

I would have done the same:

walk off on the grounds of fatique
and would ask the rest of the crew how they
can go on. Leaving it to them to decide.

This is despite the fact that we have a labour union
in la-la land, not with reality... and playing games
with the management... who always wins.

Being a graded staff we fear the loss of employment most.
The question is what are we?
Are we just merely employees without principles?
What principles? Are they aligned with managers?

For the good of the employer?
By walking out, it means I have no faith in manager's competencies
and their sincerity.

It means more than fatique. Competency in handling delays, disruptions,
diversions and the care & concern of customers AND EMPLOYEES TOO.


The IFS lost his job. But he did not lose his principles.

Anonymous said...

A lot of screw lost their principles and integrity for a leading waitress post. For 1 mere 1 ECA pt to be consider during promotion interviews, they go back office to act like dogs or take some useless courses.
Some even kelong football matches just to make managers and svp shiok. For 90 mins, those management staff thought they were Suarez and Messi

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

Those that got promoted and got integrity, only a handful.
Agree with above, for one leading role, many loss their soul and integrity.
How many comments form are real? LOL....
How many really like the eca they joined? LOL....
Maybe own mother birthday also never make birthday card, but out of own pocket
come out with cards and stickers and make cards like clown LOL...

SUNNY GALE said...

This is what I called Going against Nature. Job whereby you get better as you progress through the years, it is better not to go against Nature, meaning it would be better to Promote base on Seniority. Human is happy when someone your senior is promoted, but it is painful to accept when a junior gets promoted ahead of them. It is doubly more painful when deception comes into play when you promote on Merit. Example people lose their soul and integrity, soliciting for comment forms inflight, ECA on ground, etc.
It is better to promote Cabin Crew base on Seniority then on Merit because what you are getting is not REAL MERIT but NEGATIVE MERIT.
A crew that has flown longer is definitely better then one who is new because in this job, experience has proven to be more effective, as a more senior crew would have come across many situations to learn from it.
The equilibrium of Nature gets upset when promotion on Merit comes into play, such as crew will becomes selfish (you are unlikely to get info, ideas to improve your work as crew would be trying to safeguard their position to get promoted, they are not likely going to teach new crew, to have them promoted ahead of them isnt it.
But when promotion is base on Seniority, you get crew teaching newbies, as they feel good being senior and more knowledgeable then the junior but most of all the senior crew knows that he will still get promoted for the efforts he has put in.
When you go against Nature and upset the equilibrium of Human behavior there will always a price to pay and the price is the loss of integrity and deceit comes into play, eg ECA not done with a heart but with promotion in mind.
When Christopher Columbus states that the World is Round, nobody believed him and said that he is stupid and mad, but it turns out the whole world is wrong, our planet is indeed round.
Now I am telling you that in certain job where you get better the longer you work in it, promotion base on Merit is flawed. Basing on Seniority is the right way to go.
Stupid people, when will we ever LEARN that we are doing it wrong.

Anonymous said...

This type of situations do not happen because of Flight Time Limitation. Once this limitation is reached, it is illegal to operate the flight. Crew will have to step down.