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Friday, December 18, 2015

Why did we conduct interview overseas?

During the time I was with SIA, we conducted interviews and recruited girls from foreign countries because we felt that our local girls weren't up to it. The other reason was because the interviewers needed a break and thus the overseas interviews were like R & R.
But wait, not all CCEs were allowed to conduct the interviews. They were for the wardleaders-in-charge, example: a CCE who was in charge of the Taiwanese stewardesses was allowed to conduct the interviews in Taiwan. Besides the wardleader, Managers and the SVPs would also attend.
In my 28 years as a CCE, I had only conducted 3 overseas interviews. One was in Ipoh and another 2 were in Jakarta and Seoul.  The rest of the time, I did the interviews in Singapore.
Naturally, conducting overseas interviews was fun. We travelled first class and stayed in 5 star hotels. We would leave on Friday evening (depending on flight availability). The interviews would start on Saturday morning and finished off on Sunday evening. In between, we were free to do our own things like shopping, visiting karaoke lounges etc.

No, I am not trying to imply that the current overseas interviews were deliberately done so the interviewers could enjoy themselves. They may have their own reason/s for wanting to hold interviews at outstations.

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