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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why would SIA recruit cabin crew from overseas?

It is understandable if SIA is recruiting cabin crew from foreign countries because of their mother tongue, example Japanese crew for the Japanese sectors, Korean crew for the Korean sectors.
But why Indonesian crew, Indian crew, Thai crew etc..? They are rostered on  the international sectors like the SG and MY crew. Besides, their English aren't as good as the SG crew. They also take away the SG crew's flights which means the local crew earnings will be lesser.Anyway, it's the company's prerogative to employ whoever they like but I am just sharing my thoughts on the matter.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why SIA is doing this I mean their subsidiary SilkAir should be the one hiring foreigners since they fly to more Asian Pacific countries (for language sake) compared to SIA which needs more English speaking crew due to their international flights.

A cc wanabe said...

Yes why foreign girls? I am a SG girl applied 6 times but got thrown out by SIA. I have since stopped applying to be a cc with SIA.

Anonymous said...

Proud of you. No love lost. Jus a waitressing job with no future

pussie galore said...

Not any foreigner... only those from:

- countries/cities that SQ flies to
- individuals from those cities who are docile, meek and compliant.

The other "attributes" such as "team player", "service orientated"
are just good to have... you will be forced into displaying these attributes in due course. ( The appraisal criteria sees to it )

Singaporeans should not apply. ( but SQ cant say that becos of employment act ).
Please, just let SQ choose the meek, mindless, robbots to serve you. Thats just what all of us

Anonymous said...

Here in ME airlines more than two thirds are ft's. Your lucky SQ dont hire pinoys. Where iam in Qatar airways i have to deal with pinoys n they can b a real b!tch at times

S. said...

Finally someone who shares my sentiment. I'm a ground staff and im the one who usually pass the GD to the sats police. There was once , a flight to london and guess what ALMOST everyone onboard (the crew) is either from MY OR TH OR ID even the pilots are from MY. Only the IFS is a singaporean. Can someone enlighten me again,what airline is this? last i checkits singapore airlines

Anonymous said...

SIA stands for Singapore International Airlines. Thats why there are multi nationalities.They did not claim to be Sinkieporean Only Airlines.
Furthermore they did not violate any laws under MOM hiring act.
If the above simplified explaination is still beyond your understanding, I can understand why you are handling GDs.

JdelaCruz said...

Please do not generalize. Pinoys are excellent workers.

Boh Tong said...

I agree with JdelaCruz that Pinoys are excellent workers. I have had dealings with them at AVA and they are helpful and professional. I like that Pinoys staff at Hot Tomato (Nex Mall) cos they are always polite and obliging.