Sunday, January 24, 2016

A teacher's observation

Wanna share with you some observations when I conduct trainings for upper secondary level learners.
These young people who are coming out to work soon are very keen in aircrew job. However, they have reservation about joining SIA because of its company culture which they hear from the grapevine. The stuff they hear is accurate: old fashioned management,pushy seniors etc are not ideal working conditions.
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Snowy Beagle said...

First, let's get some clarity on why these young people are *very keen* on aircrews job.

Are they *very keen* on serving flight after flight of primarily Asian passengers whose conventional Asian cultures are mostly reserved, do not smile back when greeted by the cabin crew, often perceived to be demanding and slow to express appreciation?

Many students in Singapore see a challenge as being like a term test, a mock exam, a prelim exam and a final exam. They are willing to gear themselves up to do their best for exams. They can probably excel as students in cabin crew training, training flights and the first few flights.

What I do not expect is for them to be able to maintain that same level of performance for every flight - most will find it tedious, unstimulating, unexciting, unchallenging, and then the slacking will creep in. And this is why very few Singaporean students will be found long-term in the service industry.

Or are they just *very keen* on being sent to different countries, accomodated in hotels and paid allowances while they are on "shore leave"?

Notwithstanding all the negative aspects of SIA's management and corporate culture, I would tend to think that most young Singaporeans are not cut out to be cabin crew in any airline in the first place.

Indonesian Lady said...

Snowy Beagle that's the very reason SQ is reaching out to foreigners to be SIA stewardesses.

Anonymous said...

Being associated with SIA as an employee is perceived to be of high value.

The reality is that there are 3 sections:

1. Upper, executive mangement
2. Middle, lower, non executive management
3. Front line staff, especially cabin crew

Particularly cabin crew. Operations or office based roles, are isolated from
other parts of the company.
You cannot jump from cabin crew to marketing or to finance or human resource.
( unless you have very thick cables to pull to help you in )

That is why its so dead end.
And skills are acquired strictly for cabin crew roles.
The maximum is assistant manager... and that is if you ever clear the CCE selection process. ( having thick cables helps alot here... this where the politics, por lum par skills is best applied: for your own intentions!.. sexy is very good at this & some others too like girls )

Yes, after 3 or 5 years, the employee will feel very "sian" whole life drink carts, menu cards, check SEP, pretend to appear attentive at briefings.
But there will always be eager beavers ready to be sucked in.

Anonymous said...

7k per month for a klkk cho bo lan, no brainer job. Who doesn't dream?

Anonymous said...

Yonggsters today are left in the care of domestic maids.