Saturday, January 16, 2016

Aiyo never enough, another SIA cc interview

Interviews will be conducted on 26 March 2016 (Saturday) at:

Pan Pacific Singapore
Level 2, Ocean Ballroom
7 Raffles Boulevard,
Marina Square
Singapore 039595

SIA recruitment website is here


Failed wannabe said...

The more interviews in SG the merrier. I have failed 8 times and still hopeful as long as SQ advertises for stewardesses.

Anonymous said...

Go be something else instead of wanting to be a flying waitress haha!

Anonymous said...

8 times cannot liao means basically you dont have what they want. Even if finally u manage to scrape through, so what? U are the last choice or what people say 'no fish, prawn also can la'.
Wasted so much time n effort. Fly for 6 months nia, cant wait to break the bond and quit. Typical loser

The Same Person said...

My point is right, so many mean and crude comments by negative people. on BT's blog. LOL.

Anyway, heads up, BT. I heard that it's predicted to be a higher than usual turnover is going to be high after July PSB. It's said that this year's bonus is going to be good, so they plan to zhao after that. Esp those who had just hit their 5 years.

All these recruitments are meant to replace those who are leaving.

K thx bye :D Have a nice weekend BT :)

Boh Tong said...

Same Person thanks for your comments and you have a good Sunday :-)

Anonymous said...

You heard ah? Heard from who? Heard going to have high turnover er. Heard bonus going to be good er. When Management teace who is the one who stir shit, nobody admit and all claim they heard. But from who? Most likely nobody said anything but you heard voices. Forgot to take your meds ah?

Ah Kua fu said...

After putting on full make up for next 3 years... they should be very sian.
Not forgetting all the finger nail, toe nails, chipped, turn yellow.. like drug addict.

Being a flight stewardess is so alluring... sigh... never fails to hook some gullible
girl from some kampong ( and also HDB heartlands ).... and each one so in love with a pilot... even before seeing one.

Just like an ex cce's son who pretended to be a photographer looking for models.. also gullible girls turned up.

Ladies, ladies... you are all much better than eye candy.. your brain is far more valuable then your looks and physique. Can you look elsewhere to develop your skills & future?

The Same Person said...

Please lah. Im a regular commenter on Bt's blog. From the way I comment/ share insight on what's happening, do you really think that I'm a nobody who don't know anything?

Your comment reeks ignorance. Go read SIA's quarterly / annual report lah. You cannot see that Net Profit has gone up? Cannot see pax load has increased? It will definitely be more than the 1.42 last year lah.

Before you try to insult that I never take medicine, please go and read first lah, lol. I'm probably better educated than someone like you. Or at the very least, don't carry myself like an online gangster on BT's the way you do.

Good day to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi BT do you know how often interview for returning crew?

Boh Tong said...

Nope I don't know but maybe can consult the former wardleader.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think that SIA will pay fat bonuses just based on the basis they made money and load factor is good?
You can making baseless assumptions.
I second the writer who thinks you a nobody because of the way you think and make groundless assumptions.

Anonymous said...

Dear boh tong, want to know If I'm still eligible to try at the age of 29? I've get to last round previously but did not get in could it be the reason? Tyvm =)

Boh Tong said...

Yes it may be due to your age.

CChopeful said...

Hi BT, thank u for creating this platform and entertaining people who one day hope to take to the skies. I am currently a full-time NSF and am gna ORD early Sept. I plan to commence training in Oct if I make it. May I ask what is the best month to go for the interview? I'm afraid I might go too early or too late. Thanks for replying, greatly appreciated! :-)

Boh Tong said...

CChopeful, you may go for the interview anytime but around mid year would be better so they could have the luxury of time to slot you into a class (provided you are recruited).