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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Delta saved $5.1 billion on fuel in 2015

Delta saved $5.1 billion on fuel last year thanks to plunging oil prices. That helped it book an annual profit of $4.5 billion in 2015.
And the airline said it could save another $3 billion in 2016 as a result of lower energy prices.

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Anonymous said...

Why can't SIA do the same as Delta?

Anonymous said...

Life is like a gamble and outcomes are based on decisions you make.
Somebody quit a stable and well paid job to venture into a hawker job or be a property agent. When he make his millions, you will also ask why didnt his colleagues do the same?
Somebody spent $1 on toto ordinary quick pick and hit 6 million. So why didnt the rest do the same?
Mark zukerberg made billions through facebook. So why didn't you do the same?
Remarks and comments are always made in hindsight. There are no 'what if, why didn't you do this or that?'
Everybody and company chose the path they want and make the decisions they think is correct and lice with it.

HH chng said...

Not true.

LKY planned everything & managed risk to the extent he will always
come out tops. Did he gamble? 50-50 chance?
( or we never hear of his failures? )

Great Eastern Insurance. Do they gamble, take a bet?
( or we never hear of their bets? )

Anonymous said...

Suzhou industrial park he did not kena smoke huh?
Stop at 2 kids policy not fail ah? Now must import FT
Dont learn Mandarin is not fail huh? Now must advocate chinese to por lan pa.

Anonymous said...

Dont even bother to reply the LKY post.most likely posted by fss who only touches shit times during trolley set up or the daft 70% living in their k pop world