Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fifty three years on and still in contact with our teacher

My teacher and us (ex classmates) are still in touch with one another 53 years after we left R.I.
Mr Koh now lives in Canada and whenever he is in Singapore we will invite him to our monthly lunches. Inspite of his age (83), he is in excellent health.
He requested that I use the song "If not for you" by Olivia Newton-John as the background music for the recent video I uploaded featuring us, former classmates and him at our lunch a few days ago.
Of the 400 cabin crew wannabes I've helped realised their dreams do you know how many are still in contact with me? Answer: less than the number of fingers on one hand. It's sad but true!

An email from Mr Koh after the blog post:

Hi Luke,

Thank you for the video of the lunch gathering. I enjoyed the images of dear friends interacting with obvious cheer and with the haunting strains of music of past years in the background. Keep me in touch with your group activities.

Have a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year.

Beng Thiam


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr BT,
Find it very impressive when your generation manages to keep in touch with old friends becuase social media, instant messaging and internet are recent advances. Your ex-wannabes might be fearful to keep in touch with you for fear of company's reprisals due to their strict stand towards internet postings. They could also be relectant for their superiors/colleagues to find out they went for interview preparation course. Especially, if they're still flying.

No help from BT CC said...

Maybe they are ashamed if people find out they couldn't have made it without help from BT. It's probably a case of low self esteem and inferiority complex. Right or not BT?

Anonymous said...

Your teacher should assign more homework for you:
Just for ol times sake.

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

Hi good day MR BT.
Nowadays is likt that, right after the flight,
the crew already forget who you are LOL