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Monday, January 11, 2016

Is SIA in a recruiting frenzy ?

Looks like SIA is in a recruiting frenzy for cabin crew. The practice is when candidates passed the first 3 rounds (total 5 rounds) they will be asked to report the next day (Sunday) at SIA Training Center for round 4 & 5. But this time it's different. Candidates were asked to return on Sunday and Monday for rounds 4 & 5. There were also some who were told to wait for emails telling them when should they be back at STC for round 4 & 5. This is unprecedented, at least for the last decade.
One explanation is they are so acutely short of crew that they are very lenient and simply short list as many as possible for the last 2 rounds.
Another explanation is that the first 3 rounds are conducted by the lower ranking management staff. These staff could, in the eyes of the bosses may be too rigid in their assessment of the candidates. Therefore the instruction may be to shortlist as many as possible so at rounds 4 & 5 (usually conducted by managers and above) the bosses would have wider and better choices. This has happened once during my time when the bosses were so frustrated with us for being too choosy and ordered us to shortlist as many as possible for them to picked.
I suspect the union has a hand in the above as many of the operational cabin crew has been stretched to their limits.

BT: Interview for cabin crew in Singapore was on last Saturday 9/1/16.


Anonymous said...

Hi , Just wondering if you have kids young and is interested to join the cabin crew, are the chances there? Will they eliminate mothers who has kids already?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you may want to spend time raising your young kids to be useful people instead of shirking uour responsibilities by joining cabin crew.
If you claim its to supplement finance then why did you have kids or marry a incapable guy in first place?

Anonymous said...

Haha the above is a good answer. The way the question was asked shows the type of person she is and definitely SQ does not want this type of crew even if she has no kids.

Anonymous said...

Limpeh have scant respect for flying mothers. On pretext of supplement income, they will outsource their role by hiring a maid and leave the care of kods to maid, hubby and in laws.
What do they flying mums do overseas? Fuck with crew, drink, shop, sleep. Happy happy then spend 10 min skype and ask are the kids.
Bloody losers.

Anonymous said...

With reference to an earlier thread about stewardesses b/f, most likely they married those chow ah beng with tattoos who sponge off their parents and now their wife.
A capable man will not need or allow their wife to go fly as a waitress and leave the kids to the care of others.
These chow ah beng cant even take care of themselves and now their waitresses wife have to go and work to support him and the kids.
This type of family and relationship wont last long. We shall wait and see

Anonymous said...

If SIA is not careful, it may find itself embroiled in the same mess as the Sports Hub. So many changes at top management, discontent, endless differences and massive disagreements are detrimental to progress.

JaslinT. said...

before commenting such a crude comments when someone is just asking a question, have you all actually reflected before typing or you just type without your brain? what makes you think that air crew that are already mothers are irresponsible and that they just fuck, drink, sleep and shop? so does it means that every woman who has a child could not pursue anything they want, only can do a 9-5 role? every singer/actor/cleaner/retail assistant/hotel staff/security officers etc. who are already parents should jolly well leave their job and get a 9-5 role and be a responsible mother/father? no offence to anyone who posted here, but it is really cruel to be stereotype over young mothers especially one who merely asked a question. been an air crew when you have kids is not irresponsible, if that's the case i have many of my crew friends who are mothers, but are still flying. should SIA fired them for been irresponsible then? i'm not related to the person who commented, but is a woman and an avid reader here. i feel that instead of criticizing when you don't even know that person, why not empathize and say it in a nicer way if anyone actually feel that is not really a right thing to do. everyone thinks differently, and every parents is responsible in different way too. do you really think as a mother already, she ACTUALLY NOT consider the factor of the time with her child and family? stupid or what meh? that's all i wanna voice out. peace out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Boh Tong!

Greetings to you!

With regards to your post, I am actually one of those that have been told to wait for the email. I know its best I wait patiently but it's now Tuesday and this wait is getting quite torturous. :(

Based on your experience, usually how long does it take for the airlines to inform their applicants? Also, do you think that I should call the airlines to find out more?

Thank you!

Boh Tong said...

You've to wait for another few weeks or so.Do NOT call them cos they're very busy.

Anonymous said...

So much nastiness around here! I just hope those nasties don't work with the company. Be nice people.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, I think those who were replying were just trolling, trying to make a joke out of the question asked. Chill!

Anonymous said...

Currently am 29 years old with a kid,went for recent interview and made it till management rd. I believe they don't eliminate mothers unless they find you not suitable for e job or din do well in the interview itself.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact, 95% of cabin crew division are assholes. The good ones have already been called home to be with the lord eg vishnu, augustine, philip etc

Anonymous said...

Lenny Augustine gone to be with GOD??

Anonymous said...

Not lenny augustine. Augustine chew. Ran and met up with the lord.nice guy

Anonymous said...

I believe you beling to the strawberry generation. Cant take cold hard facts and truth. When you dont like whats being said, you start branding those who spoke their minds as trolls etc. Continue to live in your own world with your K pop idols and self imagine yourself as the priness or the lead actress then

Anonymous said...

dun agree with selecting alot of candidates at one single recruitment to get the numbers. like that means even the CMI on that day can get in.

rather SQ holds more recruitments (like every month). every recruitment sure will have good ones, still can ensure quality and yet get the numbers.

Anonymous said...

Live and let live guys come on...

Anonymous said...

The bitterness, the bitching... evolved from both
management & staff... particularly for cabin crew

they make you go through numerous rounds of interviews..
just to select what they consider as "the best".

This creates the perception that
i) you are very, very unique ( if selected )
ii) you are not very very unique ( if not selected )

the low ranking management then creates an environment that
is highly political. they play you with another.
example: "Caroline comes in to help me on some of her off days..."
this sets the ball rolling... back stabb, talk, etc.

the higher management pretend they do not know what the lower management is doing
they pretend that they are very pro crew and will support whatever good they do.
example: "we are looking into improving leave applications & CoF . I know these are
issues that crew are most concerned with..."

Cabin crew lives in an unreal world... when they leave, most ( not all ) carry a heavy
burden & bitterness. No thanks to incompetent people who have poor peoples' skills.
( they are damn skillfull at creating poison though )

But I must salute SS.
Despite all his manipulative dispositions, he still allows comments to be posted.

To the rest of the crew... and wannabes....
ask yourselves if you felt being "used"..
If you say: "no"... then you have the perfect attribute of an SQ gal/guy.

Anonymous said...


seems like Emirates cabin crew are unhappy too....

Anonymous said...

These young recruits who are selected for the job are hired on contracts. Their travel benefits are only for a mere five years. SQ is in a hurry in its recruitment drive? Sure...due to the the huge masses resigning. No bank will give them a housing loan.

Anonymous said...

I got my housing loan from bank when I was just first year flying.

If you're just commenting for the sake of commenting or bringing others down, pls keep your nasty words to yourself. Every job has its own pros and cons. And I certainly do not see our flying mothers fuck, drink, shop, sleep. Majority of the stewardesses do not have ah beng boyfriends as well. Your stereotyping just goes to show how shallow you are and obviously you are not from the airline to know what's exactly happening. Maybe you are just jealous after rejected by SQ countless of times??

I'm leaving SQ next month but I still want to thank SQ for the exposure I've gotten these few years and I wouldn't be able to get a house so quickly without this job as well.

For thoses who want to join, pls go ahead and enjoy your flying career. All the best.

-third year flying junior