Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Promotion on merit against seniority

There is so much debate on this subject  that I think I ought to put my 2 cents in.
When a crew's promotion is based on seniority then there may be some drawbacks. In other words, this particular crew may not be competent but can still be promoted all the way to be an inflight supervisor or even a cabin crew executive or an assistant manager due to his/her seniority in the company. This system which is based on seniority or the number of years of service is not healthy. I don't have to go that far to say that many IFS or even some of my ex colleagues who were promoted due to their years of service were "dead woods". Most were indecisive and lacked leadership qualities. Just look at those in the office who were promoted due to seniority. Just ask yourself are they good administrators or assistant managers? We are in this predicament due to these dinosaurs.

In my opinion promotion based on merit should be better than on seniority but in cabin crew "merit" has a different meaning. It's true of those who commented that merit means apple polishing the bosses and making them happy. In cabin crew, one would be considered as proactive and an asset if one reports to the office and assist the cabin crew executive or the bigger bosses during one's "off day/s". It literary mean that one has to sacrifice one's "off day/s. Besides, one has to be likeable example: I know of at least one assistant manager who would give ang pows (red packets containing money) to his bosses'children during Chinese New Year and hampers on the bosses' birthday.
However, I think if merit is applied in the true sense of the word then it should work well and be a better solution to promotion based on seniority.

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Alibaba & 40 theives said...

Why in the world would I forgo my "off" days
and "help" the ward leader?

- data entry?
- file papers?
- sort?

Its not productive.
I cant read "confidential" files ( not that I want to either )
In fact, the more I know about what the "ward leader" does,
the more I realise how unimportant the role is.
Its all very administrative... but made to sound important only
because there is access to personal data.

Which I feel should be in the hands of Human resource.
But I also know that management's focus is not on work processes.
Their focus, energy, resource is focused on:


hee, hee,