Wednesday, January 13, 2016

SIA cabin crew interviews at overseas. Are Singaporean candidates lacking in confidence?

SIA cabin crew interviews (overseas)

Bangkok  30-31 Jan 2016
Jakarta     16 or 30 Jan 2016
New Delhi  20 Feb
Penang 13 Feb

On another note only the interviews in Singapore candidates are being told the following :

*Due to space constraints, there will be no waiting area for those who are not attending the interviews. Candidates are advised to refrain from bringing companions to the interview venue.

Why the above does not apply to interviews in other countries? Is it because the venues at foreign countries are more spacious and bigger than the ones in Singapore or is it because Singaporean candidates are less independent than their counterparts?


Anonymous said...

It is not the places are smaller but the SG gals are generally weaklings and lacking in self confidence and must have their ah beng boy friends,parents,sibblings and friends around to muster support.

Anonymous said...

This is brought up from young. Go toilet must hold hands and go together or else gaga will come out and bite bite

Anonymous said...

SG girls are well protected... look at them and they shout "harassment!"

Unlike other girls from other countries... they are much more confident and street smart. They can handle chee kor pek much better. But they learn from SG gals too.
And eventually will also scream if you look at them.

The Same Person said...

I've no idea why some of the comments above, I presume, by males, are so demeaning towards Singaporean girls.

The answer is very simple. It is A KNOWN FACT that the turnout for overseas recruitment at each session is much lower than in SG! SIA is SINGAPORE's national carrier. If conducted overseas, eg: Jakarta, do you think the wannabes prefer to join SIA or Garuda?

MOST of them will prefer Garuda because of national than their home-base is still in Indonesia! In SG, they are local contract and fly all over the world; flights to Indon is usually a turnaround flight, can't layover visit family / friends... They want meh? If they do, it's mainly for the monetary benefits.

Even the SIA Japanese / Korean cabin crew only have 1-2 days layover at ICN. They always fly the same routes to/ through Japan/ Korea . Damn boring for them and they don't receive as much as allowance as those from the SEA countries!

Besides, you think the CCE/ Recruitment don't know that SOME guys in SG damn free will deliberately be at the venue, pretending to wait for someone just check out the cabin crew wannabes meh? Aiya got so many stories and how they got remove by security, lol.

Aiyo I really wonder why some people so negative and type such terrible/ mean comments on Bohtong's blog. I feel sad that there are lots of wonderful CC but some readers choose to generalise and make all sorts of disparaging / discouraging remarks towards them. Its not just in this post but many of BT's writings. I think BT wants to encourage a healthy discussion but some of these comments are seriously putting people off.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the (The Same Person said...) comment above. Some people here tend to generalize almost everything and talk a lot of nonsense based on assumptions..

Anonymous said...

BT, saw that the malaysia recruitment accepts singaporeans. u mean singaporeans can actually walk in at penang? where will the final interview be at then?

Boh Tong said...

Yes S'poreans can attend the Penang interview. Final will also be in Penang.

Anonymous said...

I had conducted an interview for FSS,many years ago.While going for a toilet break,I witness a potiential candidate leaning towards her boyfriend,while the boyfriend filled up her application form.
When I interviewed her and enquired that "SHE" has a very nice handwriting.She giggled and replied"It's my boyfriend's".

Needless she was booted out.

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon BT, my name is Jenice, any idea how fast rejection letters are sent out to candidates? Thanks in advance sir and have a nice day. :)

Boh Tong said...

Anything from 1 to 3 months Jenice. However, it may take longer if they are busy.

Anonymous said...

Hello Uncle BT, I hope you're doing well.

My name is Jennifer. I just graduated from a college in the states on August last year. I attended two SIA cc recruitments in Jakarta already, but always failed after the 10 candidates vs 2 interviewers round. The first one was because I was a bit overweight, I think. But I lost 4 kgs for the second one but I still didnt manage to get through!

I am very confused. Some friends suggested that I speak softer and less 'bold' in this round because the interviewers dont want to see a candidate who overshadows other candidates. Is this true? How should I introduce myself instead? What qualities are they looking for in this round? Do you think it was because I spoke in an American accent instead of a plain Indo-english without an accent?

Appearance-wise, I think I did a good job by wearing a business black dress and a pair of heels with my hair in a bun. Do you have any suggestions? The stages of recruitment are quite different here and most of the threads available online are for sg recruitments.

Please help me as I have no idea on what to fix if I am going for third chance at the recruitment. I am afraid of repeating any mistakes I may have made. Thank you, Uncle BT.

Boh Tong said...

Hi Jennifer,
My e-guide may be able to help you. It is for sale at

Thank you.