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Saturday, January 2, 2016

SIA extend date of offer for Tiger Airways

SIA may not have been successful in getting the shareholders of Tiger Airways to agree to let it acquire Tiger fully and delist it from the exchange. SIA need at least 90% of all the Tiger shares to bring the airline private. So now SIA is extending the offer to 8 January 2016 from 28 December last year.
SIA is not going to better the offer of 41 cents per share in Tiger. If SIA failed to get the minimum 90%, then privatising Tiger cannot go ahead. In this manner, many minority shareholders of Tiger would be happy as they expect Tiger shares will appreciate by itself as the airline is not doing too badly this time.  Plus these people paid an average of $1 per share few years ago and so why should they let SIA have it for 41 cents.


Snowy Beagle said...

Singapore Airlines raises offer price for Tiger Airways shares to 45 cents
The deadline for SIA's offer has been extended to Jan 22. SIA's CEO Goh Choon Pong says the offer price "will not be revised further".

Boh Tong said...

Thank you Snowy Beagle for the update. It is good news for Tiger shareholders.