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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cabin crew wannabes questions will not be published if ......

Why are some of the wannabes so impolite and ungracious? Time and again I have emphasised that in order for me to publish their questions they ought to exercise some form of etiquette. You don't just come here and simply shoot your questions without addressing me and stating who you are. I don't mind if the name you state is fictitious but at least I could address you and answer your questions.
Remember I will not publish impolite wannabes' questions let alone give them the answers.
Below are some examples of questions I am talking about:

  • " Hi! can you tell me if at 33 am I too old to be a steward?" by anonymous
  • "I am graduating later this year do you think I can attend the interview in March?" by anonymous
  • " Why is SIA so particular about complexion?" by anonymous


4 years flying crew said...

BT should find out who these people are and give their names to SIA to make sure they do not become our cabin crew.

Anonymous said...

If I was in your position BT I will not entertain these imbeciles.

Anonymous said...

The problem with today's generation is they are being brought by maids. Their parents are busy working and do not spend time teaching the kids what courtesy is all about. I blame the parents who were also brought up by maids.

Anonymous said...

These products of maid upbringing grow up to become ingrained with high expectations, as if society owes them a living. Just look at how they express themselves in writing.

The Same Person said...


Hope youre doing well.

I really despise these wannabes for treating you like an Enquiry Hotline without giving you the basic courtesy. That's probably why they are wannabe and not even a crew.

Anonymous said...

they dont know how to be gracious to you Uncle B.T, how do you think they are able to cope at 35,000 above sea level.
They dont know your doing this out of the goodness of your heart to help earnest wannabes. These so called "posers" are nothing but trouble once they get the job, these are the ones who dont last long in the industry.
Do not entertain these so call ungrateful individuals.

Anonymous said...

QANTAS has reported a half-year profit of over $600 million dollars. Like SIA,she had also resorted to staff reduction and other cost cutting measures. What has happened to the Singapore Girl Image?

Anonymous said...

The ASEAN open skies policy and the reduction in oil price are good leads for airlines. SIA looks poised to soar again. But if these strawberry generation crew continue to persist in their undesirable attitude as in those described by BT, then the airline will find itself pitted against all odds. Structural changes in MGT are coming along. Read the report in the current issue of OUTLOOK.