Friday, February 19, 2016

Good to have you back again Mr TPT

The SVPcc whoever he is, will be the man who will set the direction for cabin crew. If he is a task master and one who is not compassionate then everyone in cabin crew from his deputy to the most junior crew will suffer. On board service will drop and would-be passengers will flock to other carriers.
However, in my opinion, I do not think TPT, the returning SVP fits the above description. Sure, he was the SVPcc who resort to severe cost cutting when he was in cabin crew a few years ago.  But then which SVP does not? The job of the SVP is to keep cost as low as possible and at the same time ensure his crew's morale is high. It is a tall order and that's why a SVP is paid ten of thousands of dollars in salary.
Coming back to TPT, I think he is a reasonable man. He may not be as interactive with his crew as MT is, nevertheless he too has the welfare of the crew and the company at heart.
I have personally met both of them before, albeit for a short while but they impressed me with their charisma and humility.
TPT may be in for a tough time in cabin crew as the current union chief Alan Tan is a no-nonsense guy who is in his last term of office.
MT was luckier and had a wonderful "honeymoon" with the previous lacklustre and less gutsy union chief (ousted in the 2015 election).
Take it from me TPT's return to cabin crew is not a demotion as some people are speculating but to help cabin crew be the airline with the best cabin crew.
Okaeri nasai TPT san! and for MT: watashitachi wa anata ga inakute samishii desu...

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