Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"Peeping Tom" in the female make-up room

This incident that I am going to relate happened some years back when I was still working at the STC (SIA Training Centre).
One floor above our office was the aircraft mock-ups and beauty or make-up room. The incident happened in the make-up room. This was a place where the female trainees were taught grooming and make-up by the consultants. The room was fairly big and some parts of it were curtained off as "changing rooms" where the female trainees would change say, from their civics to kebaya vice versa.
One afternoon, there was a loud scream coming from the one of the "changing rooms". It was the scream of some girls who were traumatised on finding that someone was peeping at them changing.
Later on, the bosses found out that the male crew who was in charge of a certain dance group was accused by the female trainees to be the Peeping Tom. This guy had special permission to access the changing room as his dancers might also make use of the room. However, on that day when the girls were using the room, he was not allowed to be there.
Of course, he denied peeping at the girls. He was well liked by the bosses because he was a good dancer who would teach as well as performed during cabin crew functions eg: Annual Cabin Crew Night etc.
I am not sure what has happened to him but from what I heard he was exonerated.

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