Monday, February 15, 2016

Study hard or else.....

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SUNNY GALE said...

Mum tried applying for cabin crew & couldn't qualify when young, so pretend to make such a comment.
In reality, cabin crew is a creme de la creme job. U will be able to appreciate it after u get the job, quit the job, work on ground, realised the mundane & monotony of grd job, then shit, is this life working on ground: work almost everyday & going through the process day in and day out till u leave the planet.

Crew, in reality, belongs to a elite & special group on planet Earth, bless with the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest, as in the Lifestyle of the rich and famous.
You never get a job which can offer such fun & excitement, visit country u have never been before. If u have a good set of crew, wow, the shopping, pub hopping, tasting different brew of alcoholic concoction, relaxation in the comfort of your room snuggle under the nice & soft comforter of the bed in winter, and watching TV channels of the world. And if you have a steward/dess lover with you it really enriches your life in the room, hehe, what can I say, wow wee again.
Okay the trade-off ìs: Can u handle it - CC job is real demanding physically. You will learn what "Tired & shack" is all about after joining CC, just like what "Thirst" is in the Army during Basic training.
Remember physically and mentally challenging is the name of the job, so much so when the flight lands you can't wait to get to the hotel. Even in the bus, on way to hotel, u feel the strain. Once in your room, a total "shack and extreme tiredness" that you will feel in your well being hits u hard and sleep has never feels so so good as you lay down on your bed. And if a sweetheart is with you, strange enough you still have the power to make love to your darling even after flt , although very tired.
So not only can crew have lunch in Lon, JFK, Paris, but they can also romance around the world as well.
Let's get serious, ask yourself, r u willing to accept the extreme tiredness working as CC, but compensated by the wonderful lifestyles of the rich and famous, given the opportunity to enrich one's life and enjoy the wonders of different countries that comes with it.
My take is: Only one life on planet earth & no going back, miss the opportunity, u miss the golden chance to enrich your life before saying sayonara to the world.
Don't be a fool, all jobs big or small are mundane, what matters is can it enriches your life.
My recommendation: fly 5 yrs at least, but if you can get into an airline offer flying till retirement, then why not make it a career as it pays well, required to fly only 90+hrs/mth (4days added up/mth) hehe. The higher up in rank, the fun level goes up in this job. The crew in charge has the most enjoyment in this job, kkkk most of the time with fat pay for the job scope, which in reality is a simple job. A novice can learn to be a C in C in an hour if I tell you the gist of it , it is that easy, cause no one to override u.
So you realise, flying is easy job, with great fun, a holiday job actually, who don't want? Don't believe... quit flying if u r already in , then work on ground, u then will realised how stupid one can be, cause ground is no bed of roses. Ground job though not as demanding physically is meaningless.
Hey mum, you ain't know what you are missing telling your daughter to study hard, for what, to work in a mundane job?
Retired crew: most having fun as well, going all over SIN, to try the buffets in hotels, again still enriching their life, till we get to the next level to have buffets in heaven, hehehehe.
My take is : one only quit flying if u can make big bucks on ground, otherwise u r better off flying. So don't be a fool. Play it cool ��. Love the World.
So crew wannabes go for it, get Boh tong notes on cabin crew & go for the interview,try & try, no harm even if u don't succeed. This is life.