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Monday, February 29, 2016

Cabin crew slow in following up on compliments

Many companies are too slow to act on compliments from customers but quick in initiating actions against their staff whenever there are complaints.
I've retrieved the following from a reader in this blog:

The entire machinery is designed for fault finding.

There is an army of investigators to ensure proctocol is adhered and procedures carried out by each alphabet of the manual.

"Compliments are expected, that is what we hired you for!"

Complaints are unacceptable, and the staff who was in contact with the customer will always recieve
the counselling and the...omnipotent: "You should have..."

Regardless of the fact that BTC selection has not been changed for the last decade..the poor staff would be counselled with "... you should have...."
and we know it is no fault of the staff but someone sitting in an ivory tower somwhere in airline house,STC or lord knows which other cave.. who is the one truly responsible for this... that person ought to be sent to........

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