Saturday, February 27, 2016

"Very easy to start rumours in CC" by a reader

1. Large amount of people ( more than 200)
2. Management not transparent
3. Union not transparent
4. Divisive managing style
5. Barriers to information

JFss salaries
Promotion excercise
Excluded decision processes.

There will always be new staff.
Information must be made available 24/7 and use of technology is a must.

Imagine... an entire B777 can disappear without a single debris found. Information slowly trickling out...

Would you agree that this is fertile for rumour??


CB mouth said...


Both Union & management use it as a tool for
their own intents.
Some crew use it too... the political ones.
I doubt it will ever disappear.

We can start one now, right here in this blog...

1. An unnamed crew.. ( can be any rank... up to you )
2. An unnamed location
3. An incident/event with.. ( choose 1.. )
- sex
- theft
- alcohol
- money
- spouse
- tech crew
- union
4. Repeat often enough for the next 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Haha CB Mouth you are so funni leh