Tuesday, March 15, 2016

JUNIOR FS/SS SCHEME: to discourage from leaving prematurely

Management raised their concerns over the retention of cabin crew within the first two years of employment. It was demonstrated that there tends to be an increase in attrition after the 2nd year of employment. This also affects operations and in some instances, we had to operate with minus crew and without top-ups.

Management proposed that instead of increasing the IFA rate for new hire cabin crew from day one, to step up the increase after 27 months from $9.50 to $12.80 per flying hour (inclusive of 3 months training).

Given the above, the IFA rate for new hire cabin crew effective 1 March 2016 will remain at $9.50 for the first 27 months, before stepping up to $12.80. Indicatively, new hire cabin crew can look forward to an increase in the total package from $4,700 to $5,600 after 27 months. With this, it is hoped that we will have a better retention of crew and smoother operations.

Source: SIASU collective agreement with SIA 2016


Anonymous said...

From full employment terms to contract and now this. Another try at tikem tikam?

Anonymous said...

increase in IFA but then again there is a huge cut in overseas allowance, so its basically back to square one.

Anonymous said...

I read and read, this CA doesn't make sense at all. Effectively new hires will earn LESS, they are paid the same $9.50 with no Nightstop allowance and no Inflight meal allowance. What logic is this?

Worse, existing crew are not entitled to the 3% increment in salary scale but only $35 due to the buyout of attendance incentive. REALLY? this kind of CA is acceptable? new strawberry earning higher basic than FS/FSS

Anonymous said...

They still dont get it:

Its not a money issue
Its a human relationship issue.
Managers are no innovative in the
EQ space... bo chap as it cannot be measured directly.
Only by proxy evidence.. and not reliable 100%.

In time, this human relationship issue will
infect the customer - crew relationship.
Down the rabbit hole... down, down down...

Anonymous said...

I think you are the one who dont get it.
It'all about money and nothing else.
You think the crew would work for a pittance but lots of care and concern from management?
Management has learnt from past experience that there's no need to treat crew nicely cos they will be taken for granted.
Crew are easily replaceable and are mere statistics or rather a staff number.

Anonymous said...

Absolute exploitation of newbies in the guise of retaining them.
Has the management thought of improving the work conditions of the flight Crew viz creating a more work-friendly designed galley instead of putting up brick-walled half-baked galleys for the crew to work their way through the mazed-like work environment like the B77WR JCL & "happy galleys" in the name of boosting their KPIs.
These blood-sucking leeches at the mid-level management know the problems we faced on these slave-like galley design but refuse to acknowledge & address these concerns will ultimately impact on the retention of these young and upwardly mobile generation of cabin crew.

The crew COP has been brutally tighten plus the inflexible "support" we faced from the often time unfriendly planning department & control staff serves as an impetus for newbies to leave.

So CC management,don't give us this crap of further cutting our allowances in the name of retaining us as these measures are unfair & unscrupulous.

Give us a better work environment with the reasonable numbers of manpower to facilitate us to give our best to our pax who pay a premium to fly with us.

Take care of us & eventually you will see pay-dirt.

Ice said...

If I'm not wrong, Collective Agreement discussion is still in progress with SIASU, isn't it? I don't think this is firmed up yet.

Or maybe bcause I've already left SIA so may be a little bit slow in getting these news... lol.

Ice Cream said...

The CA has already been concluded.

Anonymous said...

Any comments from SIASU?

Ice said...

@Ice Cream

Thanks for the update ;)