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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Update on LS & LSS London cigarette smuggling case

  • LS who mass WhatsApp about the Solitaire pax offloaded by a captain on his flight was put on a disciplinary inquiry. He was fired by the company but on appeal by the union, the LS was reinstated but was severely warned not to repeat his action. More here
I also heard the pax was pissed off for being off loaded from his flight that he now refused to fly SQ.

  • The LSS London cigarette smuggling case was squashed with her receiving a warning and an annual increment forfeiture.
She was alleged by the custom to have asked her crew to carry 7 cartons of cigarettes into London. This incident happened last year. 


Anonymous said...

The Commander did the right thing by off loading the SPPS. An air ticket is not a license to abuse. Air safety is crucial. SPPS' decision to stop flying SQ is his prerogative and the Company will need to sort this out. CPT will answer to MGT if required. This incident brings back memories of SQ's first PPS member. The Company, being such a gracious host, had for many years acceded to his requests to have caviar specially catered for him to be brought back. This was above caviar consumed on flight. When his demands became impossible, the MD then wrote him a letter.

Anonymous said...

LSS London case was quashed. Not "squashed."

English teacher said...

It is fine to use "squashed" too in this case.

donch noe... said...

While we are having English writing lesson...

"...his requests to have caviar specially catered for him to be brought back."

"brought back" is confounding.

What is meant, probably was:

" his requests to have several tins of caviar specially catered for him so that he could bring them home with him"

Anonymous said...

This PPS probably had enough stocks of caviar to open a provision shop. Portions of caviar was catered in accordance with pax load. This guy had the time of his life taking advantage of the airline's good nature.

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

I am curious send watsapp message also result in a sack from a job?

I am curious and just wondering does a company have the right to
sack a person base on what he watsapp?

Facebook sack, now watsapp also sack?

Boh Tong said...

Hi "6 years...", the LS WhatsApp the pax's name to the crew and pax came to know
about it. Never mention people's names in the message esp a bad one. Can be sued.

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

Thanks Mr BT. Thats why never mention names lol!
But the pax came to know means got whistle blower...

Anonymous said...

Or maybe the Pax stumbled upon this blog and read the post. Who knows right?