Friday, March 25, 2016

Many still want to be SIA cabin crew

Come tomorrow 26/3 Saturday, there will be a SIA cabin crew interview in S'pore. It is not wrong to predict that the queue will be long as usual. Young wannabes will be there as early as 7am.
With all the news about the bombing at Brussels Airport and the Metro, many will not be deterred from applying for the cabin crew job. Why is it so?

Answers: Good pay,new entrants will be paid S$9.50 per hour upwards when on flying duty. If the duty time exceeds 14 hours they will be paid 2 1/2 time more. After working for 27 months with SIA, the stewards/stewardesses will be paid S$12.80 an hour. Here I am talking about the IFA (Incentive Flying Allowances) and not the take home pay for the crew. SIA advertises in it website that each junior would be paid an average of S$4,500 to $5,000 per month. How much more would senior crew like IFS be paid? $7,000 to $8,000 not including bonus etc ?

Then there is unlimited discounted flights when they travel during their vacation. Each crew will also be given a free ticket for herself and dependants each year. Free dental and medical care for the crew up to a certain limit.

The working environment is nice and conducive compared to working for a foreign airline. Here, in SIA you work with your own kind (kaki a lun).
The senior crew these days are more helpful and relax with you, the new crew. Life is much easier as compared to the old days.

Management is more tolerant and understanding especially now with most of the old dinosaur assistant managers going into retirement or have retired.

Almost every flight is a partying flight, without fear of being bullied as your union is stubbornly strong!

Good luck to all those going for tomorrow's interview!

SIA recruitment website is here .


Anonymous said...

BT must have left his sanity onboard the plane and forgotten to bring it along when he left.

Anyways, Good luck to all those succeed after tomorrow's interview! Good luck really.

Cheryl Chan said...

Dear Sir

Do you know if there is a 'blacklist' for those who have rejected SQ upon being offered the contract due to some inconveniences? Is it still possible to be a cabin crew? :/

I got in last year but due to my grandfather's dementia, I had to pull out to take care of him.

Boh Tong said...

In my opinion they may have a list.

Anonymous said...

hi BT, do you know if Cathay Pacific recruit cabin crew from Singapore?

Boh Tong said...

CX does recruit S'poreans.