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Friday, March 25, 2016

No reponse from me if ...........

Due to the upcoming interviews both in SIN and abroad there are many questions posed by the cabin crew wannabes. Since, I do not have an assistant to help me and I have other things to do besides attending to this issue, I will NOT publish let alone reply to the following:

  • Duplication of questions. If the question has been answered before, I will not reply.
  • No proper form of address and did not leave a name ("anonymous" will not be accepted).
  • If question asked is posted in more than one place/blog (kiasu mentally).
  • Question posted under the irrelevant posting eg: Heading is about "shoplifting" and the question asked is about cc salary etc...
  • Long-winded question.
Please note I am not on SIA payroll and therefore is not obliged to assist anyone.

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