Saturday, March 12, 2016

SIA cabin crew recruitment drive

SIA is in desperate need of cabin crew to meet its expansion programme as well as to prepare for the exodus after the bonus payment in July this year.
My prediction for this year bonus is not less than 1.5 months. After receiving the bonuses, again my guess is that a few hundred crew will resigned. It may take several months to fill up the vacancies of those who will quit. Therefore, it is timely that the airline prepares in advance by recruiting as many crew as it possibly could.

Interviews, venues and dates:

12/3 in JKT (today)
26/3 in SIN
2/4   in KUL (online application closes on 20/3)
16 & 17/4 in SEL (online application closes on 1/4)
23/4 in TPE (online application closes on 26/3)

SIA recruitment website is here

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Anonymous said...

I can assure you Uncle B.T you'll see young blinded hopefuls who wish to have a high flying job to know once they get it, their making the biggest mistake in their life. Iam talking about on the general note.