Wednesday, March 9, 2016

SIA needs to look beyond S'pore & Asia for its CC

Personally I think no SVP could possibly make SQ cabin crew the best in the world again. Those days when it consistently topped the world's best is now history. I don't think any SVP has anything to do with the decline in the the inflight service. Cabin crew of the past era was different from today's.
They were hungry and unlike the strawberry generation of today were willing to slog and bring home the bread to support their large families.
The strawberry generation are overprotected and pampered. They are from small family background with either one sibling or being the only child. Both of their parents are working and they are being cared for by maids.

It will not work as long as SQ recruit these people. They will not give their best. They grumble a lot and will quit at the slightest pressure.
For SQ to be top in inflight service again, I think it should look beyond Asia and Singapore.
Emirates, Etihad and Qatar which have the best cabin crew in the world recruit people from all over the world. Their cabin crew are made up of people from Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America etc.
Perhaps, SQ should change its mindset and do what those Middle Eastern airlines are doing.
Any comments?


Anonymous said...

BT's assessement of the Cabin Crew from the past is so true. A degree was a luxury then and was only within the reach of rich families. It would have been degrading for graduates then to become CC. As much as I also agree with his opinion on the strawberry generation, we should not forget that crew these days are hired on contracts. Herein, lies the problem. Why should they go the extra mile?

We were hired on full time employment terms and it was not difficult for us then to obtain a bank loan to buy a home. Our assets have appreciated over the years and this has enabled our old crew and staff to spend their retirement in joy and comfort. A number are in dire straits while some have relocated and have renounced their citizenship.

It would not be a bad idea for SQ to offer reemployment to its senior crew now in retirement to retake the reins of crew training and development. Their accumulation of work experience, interaction and exposure to global markets is truly priceless. This would be in line with the Government's emphasis on life long learning and reemployment. Certainly hope that MGT is considering this and if it is keen on this initiative, we are ready to join you in this noble cause.


Anonymous said...

You must be a old foggie to write all these. What experience can you all bring? Its precisely these so called 'experience' management wants to get rid of hence they refuse to extend the retirement age of you old foggies. Your so called going extra mile by choot your own pattern has brought inconsistencies and complaints to service standards. Eg toilet paper must fold triangular. You mean fold liao, wipe the ass cleaner and smell nicer? Satay dip in oil. Taste nicer ah?

GuBak said...

Nothing is wrong with CC. Problem lies with the management itself. Never made CC felt appreciated. Why would CC go the extra mile? Most CC never felt belonged or part of the company. CC is always expandable. It is a known fact. Management never listened to the plight of CC and expect CC to ALWAYS listen to them. SQ could have been so much better with a different approach in management.

Its just a day in day out job, enjoy shopping, makan overseas. Die for company? Sorry, not for SQ.

Anonymous said...

I always disliked to joining all these oldies for meals. Keep living in past days & talk about Paya Lebar days or Concorde days or people we never hear of eg the De Cota or Pana Cota brother/sister.
Then during meals, they eat more & order wines and beers when I only ask for water and then have to split the bill.
Stay in my room play FB better

strawberry tits said...

Excellent service can still be attained.
Its all about meeting customer expectations.

In the "gud ol days' customer expectations was..
.. well "not expecting".

Customers did not expect:

hot bread rolls
free head sets
2 movies
ad hoc requests met.. eg: VGML at 30,000ft without prior orders.
free alcohol
soft cooked eggs (in first class, cockpit or for a pps seated in EY)
newspapers from LON when the departure was from SIN.

These days, customers expect lots of things which the
airline has already provided...

168 channels of audio/visual entertainment
Ice cream
pre orders of BTC, special diets.
hot rolls ( but only if you are the first 3 rows!)
cheap hawker fares for menus.. fried bee hoon

The crews' job then is human relationships.. which is sorely
Reason being poor here is the poor relationship that managers,
CCE has created.

So much distrust, insincerity... it filters and percolates down
to all frontliners. But do these people care? Managers & CCE are
around only to meet KPI and move on to next promotion.

Human relationships is not in the KPI.

Anonymous said...

CEO of Novena Mt Elizabeth Hospital once gave an interview widely circulated. He said, amongst other things, that Mt E cannot answer to every single complaint from its patients. SIA needs to reinvent itself, review its marketing and financial strategies. It has lost huge sums of money in airline partnerships and many of its good talented staff have left.

Anonymous 2 does not sound like a gentleman and is obviously lacking in humility. He is heavily opinionated and if he ever comes to face with an "old foggie", that foggie would probably say to him " I have eaten more salt than you have eaten rice."

Anonymous said...

must be exciting to see the 'warm service' offered from non-asians, yes?

there are strawberries who work to support their families, there are strawberries who work so hard without expecting anything in return, it's just that they are never appreciated and most of the time, probably hidden as they don't truly potray the high standard beauties of SQ. no matter how devoted these people are to their job, they will always be taken as part of the strawberry generation who can't work.

of course the service can't never bring you satisfaction if you are expecting them to be your maid onboard.

Anonymous said...

Lets not play the blame game.True..SOME strawberry generations dont appreciate or care about the job but then again there are SOME seniors who are the same..But i would say the majority of crew whether senior or junior work hard and support a family.They do their job and thats all we can ask for.The days of being the best in the world are over because the management have lost their direction and passengers expect too much.
Look at our equipment.It hasnt changed since the 80s.Yes we can have the most modern fleet like the A350...on the outside shiny and new.But on the inside...the meal cart 20yrs old.The drink cart 20yrs old.Fix one drink must do more than 5 different actions.
SQ is still living in the 70s.