Sunday, March 6, 2016

TPT's return is not a demotion

TPT actually requested to be back at cabin crew where he was the SVP some years ago. It is not a demotion as some have speculated. He is currently the SVP for Product & Services. He will swap places with MT the current cabin crew SVP. P&S is a place too hot for TPT to handle, I was told. But MT does not mind going there.
For those who have not seen TPT you may watch him in this video produced in 2013.

As for MT (below), I managed to obtain this YouTube video dated sometime in 2007 when he was the GM for UK & Ireland. Although almost 9 years have passed since this video was produced, MT still look as youthful as ever (also still having the same crew cut hairstyle).


Anonymous said...

Not impressed. We have also had cases of CC who became Station Managers. After some years, a small number requested to come back to Cabin Crew Mgt. Reason...? It was tough. TPT was not very much liked by the division. He is one of those with impressive paper qualifications, but lacks the calibre to meaure up to the mark. Better if he has chosen to leave instead.

Anonymous said...

He was good at his KPI. Heard that he even bought a property at Sentosa to the tune of some millions. Incidentally, CEO Genting Resorts World is Tan Hee Teck.

Anonymous said...

is MT an ex crew?

Botak said...

Nope MT wasn't a crew even though his favourite hairstyle is "crew cut" lol

Anonymous said...

MT used to be GM UK and Ireland as well as CEO Silk Air. Good timing that he is on his way up. All the best to him.

Fk me dead... said...

During TPT term, he took opportunity to remove as many senior crew
( in age, not in rank ).

Union was dancing with him ( Alan ).
Each & every case in CI or DI.. its demotion.
Make it so distastefull that you have no strength to
carry on.
The intent was to put you in a situation where your esteem is
hurt, destroyed and evetually you feel so crushed, you will resign.

Yes, KPI includes decrease in divisional expense.
Reducing headcounts ( particularly the staff with higher salaries ) is
an easy way. Just wait for the staff to do some silly thing and ...whack them
under a disciplinary charge.... no fight.

KPI also includes higher productivity.
Which means ( in cabin crew ) number of hours flown per crew.
Less headcount means some flights operate with less crew, but still meets
safety criteria.
Overall productivity shoots up!

Easy trick eh?

What does the union say?
Simple: " you get to work more, but you are also paid too!"

Optimum number of workers does not mean better work conditions.
Optimum number of workers means more earnings with less input.
Does not matter if the crew have to run all over the plane to get whats needed to meet pax expectations.

Crew run all over the place is non-measurable.
Therefore it will not be factored into work process.
The rot returns & the rot continues.. with renewed vigour.
As his return is an endorsement of his practices.

Alelujah, Aleujah, Alelujah...