Monday, March 14, 2016

Unlikely to be recruited if failed medical or over 30 years of age

Some cabin crew wannabes have asked me whether their names will be on the blacklist if they had failed their medical test.
It is logical to say that if you had failed your medical you may not be recruited. You may be allowed to attend future interviews but your chances of being successful is almost zero.The airline's policy is not to turn people away from attending the interviews due to whatever reason/s. Instead, it will allow them to attend the interviews only to be booted out at one of the rounds (usually the first round).
Another question they often asked me was whether they would be recruited if they are over 30 years old. My guess is probably no. Why would they want you when they can get younger people say from 18 to 26?


Play it straight SIA! said...

SIA should not waste their time and the candidates' time if the latter had failed their medical before by allowing them to attend future interviews. Just let the candidates know they are NOT allowed to attend the interviews because they had previously failed their medical test. Why the hypocrisy?

Anonymous said...

I've seen girls employed at the age of 30.
This means that this girl can now potentially work till 63.

Boh Tong said...

The junior girls can work up to 4 x five year contracts (max 20 yrs). The IFSs/CSs can work up to 6 x 5 yr contracts eg if she was employed at age 25 she can work up to 55 yrs old. If employed at 30 she can work till 60 yrs old which I do not think SIA want an old lady to be its cabin crew.

Anonymous said...

I believe they might consider how well one maintains other than age. And of course age does pose a risk to be employed.But I'm surprised they do employ at the age of 30.

Unknown said...

Hi BT,

In one of the previous blog post you have mention that someone failed medical due to scoliosis have successfully gotten the job after corrected at one of the clinic in Singapore, just want to check if once recover from the injury and specialist certified that he/she is able to carry out flight attendant job, so SIA will still boot them out at the first round?

Boh Tong said...

Chen that was a very rare case. I supposed at that time the person was not on the blacklist.
If one has recovered one may try the interview again. No harm trying right?

Anonymous said...

seems like not all hopes are lost for those who failed medicals before?

comments by poster called 'clay'

By: clay on October 11, 2010
at 4:37 pm
"ur case happens to be like mine… except mine was an old ankle injury which led me to a downgrade… so they wanted a letter one why i downgraded… so they got the letter and rejected me in a week… i went to see my specialist and they say my current condition of my leg is fine for flying… I even jog, run and walk long distances without any problem at all… my letter was dated in 2005… i tried emailing them for an appeal without any respond at all… but this is just my guess on my rejection… i guess they rejected me based on this injury…

during the check up, i asked the doc if i’m fine… she said i’m perfectly ok… so there’s no other reason for her to fail me other than this report…

anyone knows a way to get around this?"

By: clay on May 19, 2011
at 2:09 am
"hey don;t give up! i didn’t give up! i got my specialist letter, appealed and now i’m gonna start training next month :D:D:D what i did was i got my specialist letter, mail it to them with everything in there to prove you are fine… and wait for their reply…. gd luck!"