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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Response from the passenger friend of mine (SYD/SIN)

Hi all, I am the pax with the observations, didn't read all comments here but seems like several people are not happy , basically, I am not complaining, just observations re some crew, that's why I put 'not all' , I still like SQ and would try to always fly SQ if possible, the crew are friendly ,just saying some, not all, lack the service standards of the past, of course these are just observations about some crew,in every good team, there are black sheep,think CC can understand that some of your colleagues are just not up to standard with their jobs,think sometimes want to say about them but sure you do feel that way about some,overall I still think SQ is good,otherwise why will I pay to travel on SQ, so guys cool down,most of you are doing a good job,.

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Anonymous said...

Bt's friend do not have to explain. Just stop flying with SQ and turn to QF. SQ cc cannot take criticism because they think their service is the best and paxs owe them a living. Stop dreaming because if they are not careful they will be w/o jobs one of these days, period!

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

Thx MrBT's friend for the explanation. Pls continue to fly with SQ. I believe the crew is basically not bad and can improve with the support of the mgt and leaders. Dont stop dreaming just because you had a nightmare and people wont stop at putting u down. Haha have a cheerful day all ! :)

Anonymous said...

Good comment my friend. Nobody owes anyone a living. No one is indispensable. The economy is really bad. We have no choice but to go the extra mile to win back our loyal customers whom we have lost.

Anonymous said...

With the emergence of LCC, for SQ to win back those customers is to lower their selling fare & their exorbitant amount of fuel surcharge/taxes plus get rid of those unfriendly ticketing conditions, eg:) must buy 2 tickets at one go, 30 days prior to departure, must only fly on SQ XXX only. non-endorsable, non-refundable etc.
Used to fly SQ to BKK but nowadays change to TG, fare is only around $250 for single traveler versus SQ $600. Purchase one SQ ticket, I could go BKK for 2 trips and balance $100 for 2 descent meals.