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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

SIA female pilots..good opportunity for failed cabin crew wannabes

If you are physically and academically qualified and still can't pass that rigorous stewardess interviews, now is the time to apply to be a pilot with SIA.
As a stewardess, you will need to have the ability to converse and entertain your passengers. As a pilot if you can communicate with the control tower and the other colleague sitting next to you in the cockpit then you should be able to make it. Isn't it easier to qualify as a pilot? No need to have good skin, flawless complexion, a warm smile etc to be able to get the cockpit job.
Therefore, for those cabin crew wannabes who had repeatedly failed the cabin crew interviews, here is your chance to fly the plane rather than let the plane flies you. And also you do not have to face and serve those ugly, monstrous and nasty passengers but boot them out of the plane if they are a nuisance.
One other important thing, you are entitled to have the first class lobster and all the aircraft food before the IFS and his cabin crew.


Pilot said...

Easier to be pilot?? You must be kidding...... I can imagine how brainless you are with this post! Be your high and mighty steward then!

AM Sex Sii said...

When pilots walk like a duck sia would still recruit. When pilots have long shit face airlines will still take them. Poor characters? it is ok as long as got some lobster or caviar brains it ok. Pilots can have moon crater faces it is also ok.

Anonymous said...

Maybe not easier to become a female pilot, but certainly worth the effort if they are keen. Silk Air already has female pilots as well as other airlines. Even the RSAF is operating with female fighter pilot/s. Pilot's posting reminds me of the recent ugly incident that took place at Tampines Mall. A Malay prospect had enquired about renting its premises to sell her products....just asking...routine. The Mall's reply, that, amongst other things, its clientele is mostly Chinese, drew a sting that led her to lodge a police report. Racial discrimination..A Minister got involved wrong word and you are in deep shit.

Anonymous said...

Have come across some senior pilots in retirement who are still living in dreams and so paranoid about their rank..." CAPTAIN." When Barack Obama's term in Office expires in Nov this year, he and his family will move out of the White House and henceforth, become ordinary citizens.

Anonymous said...

Lobster? pilots chin yaw kwee meh?

Anonymous said...

Don't know meh? Despite being paid meal allowance,MAJORITY prefer to sting and once come on board,wanted cup noddle,biscuits or peanuts to line their stomach n once after take off would like their meal ASAP before pax.
When they first join the airlines,they were slim after 6 months to a year of EOB(eat on board)look at their expended eat,going toilet and sit in the cramp cockpit,most of the flight for their choice of main courses and by right for safety reason they are suppose to eat different main courses but these are put into practice,sometimes all 2 cockpit crew will have the same main

Anonymous said...

Zzz lol not sure u serious or kidding