Friday, May 27, 2016

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Ann left the airline some years ago and worked for a small company comprising of her boss Darren, a clerk and herself as a secretary. Darren paid Ann $3,000 a month and with some overtime work she would score about $3,500 a month. The pay was quite good and everyone was happy except Darren's wife Vicky.
Vicky would surprise them by dropping in the office without prior notices. Vicky was jealous of Ann. She suspected Darren was having an affair with Ann but she was wrong. In fact, Darren was in love with another woman. However, Ann knew about the affair and kept it to herself.
Darren and Vicky quarrelled often and she accused her husband of having an extra marital affair with Ann. She demanded that Darren fire Ann from the company. At first, Darren refused to sack Ann because he knew Ann was innocent. However after a while, in order to appease his wife, he sacked Ann.
Ann was given a 24 hour notice to leave. Of course, Ann was devastated.
Ann phoned me and told me the whole story. I told her not to worry as long as she was innocent. I also told her I would help her get another job.
However, after looking around, I couldn't help Ann find a suitable job or a job with a suitable salary.

A few months passed without a job and Ann was desperately running of out of money to pay the loan she took for her flat and other expenses.
I spoke to my wife and we decided to help Ann.

From the little experience and knowledge we know about the import/export business, we financed and helped Ann set up her own business. We taught her the ropes.
Ann is a fast learner and in a matter of months, she got her business running. Now after a few years, Ann is earning much more than what Darren used to pay her.
Ann paid us back all the money we lent her and she is now her own boss.

As for Darren, we heard that he and Vicky were divorced. Darren married the woman she was having an affair with during the time when Ann was working for him.

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