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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Another IFS's retirement not extended for a different reason

A few years ago, IFS AL was not granted his retirement extension. He had to go at 60 years of age. I heard the reason for not extending his retirement was due to his weight. The strange thing was that AL got his various promotions throughout his 30+ years with the airline, from FS to IFS even though he was considered "big".
He was undoubtedly a good worker. In fact, he was given the green light to work from age 58 till 60 as an IFS. Then all of a sudden, AL could not be extended further from 60 to 62 because "weight" was given as the reason.
Some people told me that AL was an opponent of the ruling union committee at that time. Had it been today, AL's retirement extension of 2 years would be handed to him on a silver platter.....why? Well, I was told AL's union team is now fully in charge, having won the union election last year.
The irony of the whole matter is although considered "over-weight" or "fat" or whatever words one may use to describe AL's condition, he is now employed in a position which would require fitness, stamina and agility.


Anonymous said...

Al was a victim of union politics which cc bosses were guiltily involved.

Anonymous said...

When unions & management disagree/agree, its always the worker
that suffers/enjoy the effects.

The worker is at the mercy of other people's whims, fancies & egos.
Take charge of your destiny.. its far more satisfying.