Thursday, May 26, 2016

Foreign stewardesses played havoc using medical as an excuse

There was a period when a group of notorious foreign stewardesses would fool the doctors and obtain medical leave to extend their stay at outstations.
Extending the stay at outstations paid attractive dividends. Firstly, the "sick" crew would be paid extra overseas allowances which could amount to $250 a day. Secondly, they got to stay in the same hotel room for free. Thirdly, most of them would get their boyfriends to bunk in with them so as to take "care" of them. Fourthly, after they've "recovered" they would fly back to Singapore as passengers and enjoy the inflight service other airlines talked about.
The 2 favourite places to report sick were London and New York.


Anonymous said...

Stewardesses from China or from India? Could also be Indonesians?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha!
Yes, it was going on for some time.. back in early 2000.
CCE were none the wiser.. their focus was to determine which
senior crew to punish, sack.

They thought sweet young things were incapable of evil.. and believed
old grumpy crew were the wrong doers and must be weeded out
before infecting the SYT.

Idiots. the junior crew were far ahead of the game.. ha! ha!