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Monday, May 2, 2016

Rumour concerning union leader Alan Tan

There is a rumour swirling around that Alan Tan the president of SIASU is either sick or is in trouble. In his absence (according to the rumour), his deputy Anthony Koh and his committee will take charge of the day to day running of union matter.
I was determine to find out the truth and managed to get in touch with the man himself.
Alan explained that there was nothing wrong with him. He is taking a break from union matter for about 6 months to test his deputy and his committee members. Alan wants them to run the union without him and see whether they can manage. At the end of his term, Alan will be 60 years old and may not want to stand for election. It is his hope that his team is able to take charge and win the next union election in 2020.
So cabin crew SIASU members you are still in good hands.

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