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Sunday, May 15, 2016

SIA pays staff 2.41 months bonus

According to a reliable source, SIA will be giving its staff 2.41 months bonus this year. The bonus will be paid in July.
A senior captain with SIA whose basic salary of about $20,000 per month could be paid up to $48,200 in bonuses.
An IFS with a basic salary of $4,000 could get up to $9,640 whereas a junior cabin crew of basic salary $1,500 could be paid $3,615.
In addition to the bonus, SIA also pay its staff one month salary (13th month pay also know as AWS).
Please note that the above is my estimate and may not be necessarily correct.

A reader wrote to say that SilkAir is giving its staff 3.4 months bonus (yet to be confirmed)


Star said...

Slkair bonus is 3.4...

Anonymous said...

Your sources is right. SQ is 2.41. Silkair is 3.4.

Anonymous said...

yes silkair bonus is 3.4

coming from a crew

Singapore Captain said...

Hmm maybe I should switch to flying a smaller bus

Chewy said...

Hi! Their bonuses are given to them in July? What about the year end bonuses? Do they get them in Dec too?

Boh Tong said...

Second bonus is usually on 7 Jan.