Friday, May 13, 2016

SIA's profit lags behind EK

SIA made $804 million for a full year 2015 but it's only a quarter of what Emirates made for the same more
SIA has recommended a final dividend of 35 cents a share.
Today SIA share price closed down 5.4% or --63 cents to $11.00


crew ex said...

When I need to fly to Europe, I will use Qatar or Air France, KLM.
Fares are cheaper. I dont need metal cutlery, sockets, endless service with lights

When I fly to East Asia like SEL or TYO, KIX, I use Korean Air, Delta. fares are cheaper.
I dont need to land at 7am and fight sleep while waiting for immigration etc.

Forget about free tickets.. you become 4th class.. zero rights.
My flight ex AMS was overbooked on KLM. They transferred me to EK ( later departure )
I was also compensated with Euro 586. My airfare was free! and I was still treated
like any other pax.( though I had to transit in DXB.. and arrived 3hrs later than planned... but its back to base.. no problem )

As a staff, you are a cost... no better than the dirt your shoes step on.

Star said...

Bonus is 2.41 months

Anonymous said...

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