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Monday, May 23, 2016

The hair story

Once in a while I would use the public transport. Just recently, I was travelling in a bus from my place to a shopping mall 30 minutes away. A few bus tops from where I've boarded the bus, up came a completely bald headed man who looked familiar to me. I don't know whether he had seen or recognise me but I did recognise him. He wasn't bald when I flew with him the last time.
I remember him well because on one of our flights he had his hair trimmed by a stewardess in the galley. His hair was a bit long and probably felt uncomfortable because I was assigned to check on his work performance and appearance (appraisal).
The stewardess and him were counselled by me for not attending to the passengers but instead spent time on his hair.
Both were upset with me and the stewardess did not want to speak to me after the incident.


Anonymous said...

He was having a bad hair day then. Now he doesn't have to worry about hair anymore :P !

Anonymous said...

SQ got many botak stewards lah

Anonymous said...

Haha this is pretty funny and the stewardess dare to show attitude hahaha. So last time crew also very guai lan show attitude horh. But cutting hair in the galley is inhygenic

Anonymous said...

Many retired male crew are bald or have very little hair.
Must be all the instant noodles and canned food.
Either that or its their wives nagging them since they are
at home most of the time .. ha! ha!..

Keep flying if you want to keep your hair.