Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The irony of extending/not extending the IFS retirement age

Joe is a responsible and conscientious supervisor. When he reached his official retirement age at 60 recently, the airline gladly offered him to work another extra 2 years.
If an IFS was to be given the extra 2 years to work beyond his official retirement age, it means 2 things:

  • He is healthy and fit to carry on flying
  • He is a capable, hardworking and responsible supervisor
However, the sad thing was just after Joe's retirement extension, he suffered a stroke. Now the airline is obliged to pay for his medical cost plus his salary regardless whether he is fit to work or not.

There was another case whereby the IFS was not given the 2 year extension and it stressed him to the extent of having a stroke.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently,Joe missed flight twice before and was afraid of not getting extention.Thus he joined and was part of Tony Sim's Team in the Union,previously.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear that

stand up! said...

For goodness sake.
The company/airline is not the only thing in life.

People who stay too long will lapse into this state of mind.
Lets be clear, the company/airline has no emotional attachment to you.
Regardless of the people whom you interact with, its all very
superficial. Particularly THIS airline.

Take good care of self, stay healthy, and leave when you want to
not when told to. Think, prepare for your own needs. The airline
can perform very well without you.