Monday, May 23, 2016

The SQ chief flight attendant who scaled the heights of service for a passenger

Cabin crew members like the winners of Singapore Airlines’ CEO TCS awards have made flying a lot more than heartwarming with the lengths that they go to....more here


Envy, Sloth, Greed,... said...

Wah lau!

I insert tube into urethra for old man at 30,000 feet
I wipe his buttocks, clean his koo-koo chiow,
Dress him up get ready for arrival
Write VR..

Full load in EY
Full load in J
2 pax in PCL

Visit him in AKL..
send greeting card

not even a whimper from the high & mighty CCE, Managers at CC.
Na-beh.. just like the orange juice mat.. politics.. just politics.
( and OJ mat can get money some more... champion!)

Its not who you know
Its who knows you that matters.

John Mitchel said...

So sad for i did the same thingy. Wipe backside of an old man who lau sye
clean him up for arrival into LAX aso got no acknowledgement.