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Saturday, June 18, 2016

A comment from one reader of this blog

This job is not designed to go beyond 55.

When you begin flying, you will pick up, try new things.
Some of these will cause everlasting damage or you will be
addicted to it and cannot stop.

Everlasting damage:
- smoking
- alcohol
- gambling ( all medium )
- sexual promiscuity
- misguided beliefs that the CCEs love/like/adore/repect you
- misguided beliefs your life is wonderful as a crew
- misguided beliefs that not eating instant noodles & going to the gym will keep you from aging, balding and dying.
- misguided beliefs that if you have no MC, missed flights, apply for IA, your employment will be extended.

Going beyond 55 is tantamount to slow suicide.
So many examples in the past year... take heed... the law of averages apply.

BT: Above is a comment which I've received regarding the cabin crew job. I am in agreement with some of the things said but not all. I think people who read this are not that naive to believe too. Take for example you don't have to be a crew to learn how to smoke,drink alcohol,gamble etc. One of the things I do agree is that the cabin crew job is not meant for older people especially those approaching their 60th birthday. The other one which I am in agreement with is about "not eating instant noodles & going to the gym will keep you from ageing, balding and dying".
Comments anyone? 


Anonymous said...

Its probably easier to pick up smoking
drinking and gambling as a crew.
These are usually cheaper, and convenient
overseas. After all, there is not much time
to do anything else.

No parents, boy or girl friend to nag you
from smoking.
The stress from the job makes these activities
relaxing... and sometimes cool!

Crew want to appear cool.

Anonymous said...

When you're down,try listening to some good music like Tiesto's ISOS albums or Padilla's best of CDM instead.I found out the hard way while studying overseas that even after smoking,drinking,screwing,gambling or shopping, you still feel like crap. And when you think you look cool,you actually look stupid.Some of my university mates and neighbours in my suburb were former crew members who quit flying in search of something better.

The list you posted is by no means exhaustive. Airline crew members are capable of so much more. Contrary to very popular belief,you're not a bunch of overrated high class waitresses,waiters or bus drivers.So please don't work until you drop dead.

And since companies are under more pressure than ever from their shareholders to maximise profits and reduce costs in this cut throat industry,do you really want to work until you fall sick?When you get hospitalised,you become a liability and one that the company can do without. This,regardless of how well you think you have been performing.

So do the things in the list you posted in moderation and look for alternatives to flying so you can stay sane and healthy in the long run.Get to know people, sign up for some courses to acquire new skills or do community work.Alternatively,start your own business and be your own boss.

You only get to live once so how long do you want to wear the Kebaya?

Smart playgirl still hates alligators

Anonymous said...

You see that job that Sex C is doing?
Now, that is one job that will go beyond 65 yrs!

You see that job at SEP department?
Now, that is the another job that will go beyond 65yrs!

Anonymous said...

NOT true.

Having been wif SQ flying for 10 years,

1) I did not pickup smoking.
2) I did not pick up gambling. (MJ, Chua Dai Di, Poker cards of sorts, casino)
3) Not addicted to partying/clubbing overseas. Dislike disco.
4) No sex romping.

To each its own.

Anonymous said...

and you are probably
one of those rare
SQ stewardess virgins.

10 years?

You like men or women?

Got some not straight leh
so have to ask.

Anonymous said...

U not pretty izzit?
How u survive as stewardess then?