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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Asking for a job outside of SIA before heart attack

This senior crew who had a heart attack recently (still in coma) had asked a friend of mine for a job which pays 1/3 of his current salary. He didn't tell my friend about the stresses he was facing as an IA or IFS but just wanted to retire from SIA.
This senior crew is one who took his job seriously. He wasn't the type who would go out with his crew during nightstops and enjoy himself.
I also understand he was a martial art exponent.


Anonymous said...

He was a good man who would work hard and save his money to pay for his housing loan and look after his family. He was also one who would mind his own business. Don't like to socialise with his crew and took life too seriously. Poor fella now in critical condition.

Anonymous said...

What does a klkk cbl crew got to stress about? If cant even handle the 'stress' in sia, you think they can handle the deadlines, targets, budgets, workload, 13h work outside? Probably he got a heart attk knowing his klkk cbl lifetyle coming to an end or knowing he is worth only 1k, 6d/week, 11h/day with minimal benefits outside

Anonymous said...

This job is not designed to go beyond 55.

When you begin flying, you will pick up, try new things.
Some of these will cause everlasting damage or you will be
addicted to it and cannot stop.

Everlasting damage:
- smoking
- alcohol
- gambling ( all medium )
- sexual promiscuity
- misguided beliefs that the CCEs love/like/adore/repect you
- misguided beliefs your life is wonderful as a crew
- misguided beliefs that not eating instant noodles & going to the gym will keep you from aging, balding and dying.
- misguided beliefs that if you have no MC, missed flights, apply for IA, your employment will be extended.

Going beyond 55 is tantamount to slow suicide.
So many examples in the past year... take heed... the law of averages apply.