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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Cabin crew division in desperate need of help

It may be early days but according to the polls above,10 votes (43%) indicate that the declined in cabin crew's world ranking (in term of service) is due to management's fault and 11 (47%)blamed it on a combination of management and poor crew's attitude whereas 2 (8%) placed the blame it solely on the crew.
Whether the above poll is accurate or not, we know that the service standard provided by the crew is deteriorating. We have not been voted by Skytrax to be number 1 for as long as I can remember. Instead, Garuda Indonesia has been voted "World's Best Cabin Crew" in 2015 and 2014.
"The World's Best Cabin Crew 2015" award was given to Garuda Indonesia based on a global customer satisfaction survey" conducted by Skytrax of more than 18 million passengers. The survey, which covers 245 international airlines, is held every year and measures standards across 41 key performance indicators of airline products and services.

To achieve the top spot,in my humble opinion, is for cabin crew to reinvent itself. It needs overhauling just like an old car in which the piston, drive shaft and in short the whole engine have to be replaced. 
Cabin crew division would have to overhaul its training department. Current methods of teaching and training as well as the treatment of its trainees need to be examined. If the process does not fit the present era, it will have to be replaced. One good example is the treatment of its trainees. Do we have to be so regimented like in the army or worst still like in kindergartens?
Do they need to doll up by the image consultants to the extent whereby they looked like opera actresses with such heavy makeups and brightly coloured lipsticks? 
The training syllabus also have to be re-examined. Is there a need for them to remember every galley compartments by its number?

Another department requiring a re-look is the Crew Performance Dept. This department is run by senior staff who are overly strict to the extent of being punitive. The CP people use the "fear" tactics to make the crew toe the line. They also need to have a second look at the way they promoted the crew.

Rostering side also need to have a change in the way they operate. Fair distribution of "good" and "bad" flights is the way to go.

Control center is another area which need to buck up. I often hear crew complaining how difficult to get in touch with the control people when they faced difficulties. The phones would be ringing with no one answering on the other.

Perhaps it is timely cabin crew management engage a reliable and experienced consultancy company to assist them.

We hope cabin crew will one day regain its position as the best in the world.

BT: Please note the above is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many areas and things that could be done to improve the quality of service by the crew to their passengers.


I know who... said...

Very bold, very clear objects for TPT to carry out.

The protection of the SQ brand under all circumstance has been
carried out by underlings who have shallow thinking.
Molest? - sack!
Harass? - sack!
Theft? - sack!

Action and reaction needs to be calibrated.
Culling is not the only solution.

Staff are a resource worth developing.
But it seems developing skills, thinking, is not a top
priority. Discipline is tops.. why?

Then a rethink of the environment is in order.

Customers, regardless of internal or external, are human beings.
Skillsets to engage humans is important.
From managers engaging staff, and staff among themselves.

Crew face challenges on board, what are the skills that they need
to step up to these challenges? memorising galley compartment numbers
do not have any impact at all.

They also need to de-stress after a demanding SIN-HKG-SIN or SIN-SYD.
What tools are available to them? Are managers concerned how staff de-stress?

Should they be concerned at all?
How is de-stressing connected to discipline, productivity, fitness?
Should managers micro manage? or wait to be reactive?

I think managers, CCEs in Crew division have a narrow KPI.
And the existing KPI does not capture the performance of crew performance holistically

TPT should have is hands full if he is motivated enough to set new goals.
But if he is winding down for retirement, then, ha! ha!.. all the CCE, AMs will have another decade of comfortable lives. Just right for Harry, Sex C, the Indian and couple of old dragon ladies.

Anonymous said...

Do you sincerely think TPT or the CEO care? As long as their pay are not affected why should they kill themselves by carrying out your suggestions? Do you realised what it means to completely change cc division? First you got to get rid the mid management dinosaurs. Second do you have the luxury of time etc etc ???
Just sit back and relax and let the inflight service rot cause their is no LKY to check these guys haha

Anonymous said...

Very well said Post!

Anonymous said...


Hope you can blog your thoughts on China Airlines strike

Thanks :) Looking forward to hear more from a veteran CC like you..


Anonymous said...

Maybe pax from other "cheaper" airlines are not so demanding? Some pax who fly SQ think they paid a premium price and expect a royal treatment. Think they can treat the crew like servants at their beck n call ?!

Honestly speaking, i dont understand why some pax can be so stupidly ungracious like getting all worked up to the extent of throwing a tantrum like a 3 year old when they cant get a certain dish of their choice. (not referring to those on special diets whatsoever) Or complaints like the cc didnt smile at them ??????? Seriously wth.

Ive taken SQ over the years and i dont think their standard in service has dropped. sometimes pax must reflect on themselves. When the cc greet u, did u respond with a smile too? Do you respect them and yourself when you are talking to them? What is your own tone? Isnt it your own responsibility to keep the toilet clean after each use so that the next person who uses it does not hv to deal with your shit???

××a very simple traveller××

Anonymous said...


When you hold yourself out as the best in the region and one of the best on the continent, people expect more.

The 'cheaper' airlines in the region you referred to never claimed to be the best and can still meet customer expectations and win numerous awards.In fact,at least two of them rely solely on local talent.

With the millions spent on advertising, an overprotective government,foreign crew at their disposal and claims of understanding customer needs and a willingness to go the extra mile, passengers,especially locals,have every right to expect more from SQ.

I also remember watching a Bloomberg interview once where the CEO said SQ is already number one in the region or something to that effect*.

What's more,when other airlines suffer misfortune,SQ is quick to capitalise. A good example was the infamous SQ tweet of not flying over the war zone immediately after the MH17 tragedy, much to the dismay of many,including locals.

Things like these including some cases involving ill disciplined pilots make people scrutinise the airline even more.

If you want to stay insulated from criticism,don't be arrogant and don't claim to understand customer needs or go the extra mile and then accuse the customer of being demanding.After all, you claim all these as part of your marketing campaign anyway.

The passengers you see nowadays are spoilt for choice,owing to a growing awareness of consumerism so they won't settle for less.

Everything you do,including your glossy advertisements,will be scrutinized.The crew must answer to the management just like the management must answer to the shareholders.We all have bosses to pacify and targets to meet.

This is the world we live in's 2016 not 1976 so if you can't take the heat,find another job!

And to the silly crew who wrote about trauma and looking forward to group counselling after the fire,seriously where have you been the last 4 years because there have been worse tragedies. It's obvious that this job isn't for you.


An ENRICHed BIG shot SKYwards flyer with a KRIS
(4 airlines in one how did I manage that)