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Sunday, June 26, 2016

China Airlines (CAL) cabin crew strike 2 cents worth

TAIPEI - The first-ever strike by flight attendants in Taiwan has ended after two days of stoppage that saw almost 200 flights cancelled and about 30,000 passengers stranded, media reports said on Sunday (June 26).
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As a former cabin crew, I empathised with the CAL flight attendants. Perhaps, to the CAL FAs the strike may have been their last resort to get what they wanted. They may have exhausted all legal or official avenues. I do not know how the Taiwan system works. In Singapore, if the airline and the cabin crew union failed to agree on certain issues, NTUC will come in and try to mediate. However, if there is a stalemate, it will be brought to the attention of the Ministry of Manpower.  Again, if the 2 parties could not resolve the issues, the union may resort to conducting a secret ballot among its members. If the majority vote in favour of taking industrial action, cabin crew members can go on strike. As far as I know, our cabin crew has never been in this situation.

Going on strike like the one in CAL was unfortunate. The passengers and the ground staff were the ones at the receiving end.  2oo flights were cancelled and 30,000 passengers were left stranded. But to the FAs they got what they wanted. Seriously speaking, I think the management should take more of the blame than the union.


Anonymous said...

Taiwanese are usually more militant than most people.

Anonymous said...

Chinky way of doing things.

They learnt it from Confusion(Confucian).