Friday, June 3, 2016

Couldn't fly to see the world

Nora was a sweet and soft spoken trainee stewardess from Malaysia. She was a law graduate and when asked why she wanted to be a stewardess her reply was "I want to see the world".
About a month into her training at the Cabin Crew Training Centre, Nora had an eye infection. Her condition got worse by the day and finally she was referred to an eye specialist. Alas, it was too late for she was turning blind.
Nora was on medical leave. Her condition worsened and was completely blind. The company had to let her go. Sadly, she had to return to Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Probebly its for the best. Maybe its Gods way of saving her from the misery she will face while flying.

Anonymous said...

Why a law graduate want to be a stewardess?

Anonymous said...

Why? Because a Malaysian lawyer hardly earn more than S$2,000 (equivalent to MYR $ 6,000). As a cabin crew she could have earned S$4,000 per month which is about MYR 12,000.