Monday, June 13, 2016

His job may have contributed to his heart attack

Received a message this morning that an IA (Inflight Auditor) had a severe heart attack and was under intensive care. This guy is "on the ball" type so to speak. He got his promotions earlier than most crew.
Being an IA may have stressed him a lot and perhaps in a huge way contributed to his condition.
An IA is one rank above an IFS. IA's position is an appointment and not a promotion. After serving as an IA, one may revert to the position of IFS after a 2 year period. The IA is actually an alternative to the CCE, a position I held for 28 years before it was made redundant in 2003. An IA has no administrative nor teaching experience unlike the CCEs but it's a cheaper alternative. An IA is paid half the salary of the CCE although he/she is doing what the CCEs used to do.  Naturally without the required admin knowledge/training skills, the IAs are subjected to tremendous pressure.
Perhaps by now, the IA may have acquired some of the required know-how but no matter what he/she still lagged behind the CCEs.
Therefore, I am not surprised to hear that the gentleman had a severe heart attack. I pray that he will recover soon.


Ah Pee T said...

Aircraft food is also a contributory factor. The lobsters, pate, steak etc when consumed in abundance can also kill. Flying long hours and for many years is also bad for health.
Hope Ah Kok recovers with no complications.

Anonymous said...

Nice and good to hear these screw are dropping like flies

Anonymous said...

It's like stretching a rubber band until one day, it bursts and it's gone forever. Once the final straw that breaks the camel's back strikes, there is no hope left.