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Thursday, June 2, 2016

My trainee stewardesses 37 years ago ...a repost with fond memories

A week after I have started training this batch of young trainee stewardesses.........

One morning, when I stepped into the classroom,I noticed a little parcel on my table and next to it was a pink envelope.
The monitor of the class shouted out the order for the class to stand up and greet me.I exchanged greetings with them and asked the monitor whose parcel was that on my table.
She grinned and looked around the classroom and one of the girls in between giggles replied "open it Sir, its for you" "For me?" I asked. "Yes" came the chorus of replies.
I slowly opened the little parcel and the envelope and was pleasantly surprised to find two "Christian Dior" neckties and a card saying " we thought your ties are a lil out of fashioned...giggle,giggle"...class of 25 girls.

I was touched by the gesture but at the same time felt insulted with the statement on the card,you know about the 'out of fashioned' bit.
Its okay,be cool I told myself because these SYTs meant well but lacked a little tact.They will learn in the days to come.
The day was uneventful and we continued with the lessons,this time about the 3 letter codes of airports and cities SIA operated to.
The girls had to memorise airport and city codes like LON for London, TYO for Tokyo etc. which were relatively easy.
The difficult part of the lessons for some of the girls was the calculation of the time differences of the various cities,like Tyo was GMT + 9,Perth was + 8, London was + 1 in the summer and GMT (+ 0) during winter and so on.

At the end of the day,when the lessons were over, I thanked them again for the lovely neckties and told them "Christian Dior" was my favourite.

Then came the subtle 10 minutes of message from me about the documented 'out of fashion' part.
Suddenly,there was a hush and everyone of the girls looked sombre and serious. They kept their heads down throughout most of the 'lecture'.
Then I concluded my little 'lecture' with these words..."don't you all think my shoes,my briefcase and my looks are a little out of fashion too?".
As soon as I finished my last word,there was a sudden burst of laughter and on that note we bade each other farewell for the day.

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